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Corrupt Kentucky Gov. Pardons Murderers and Child Molesters Connected To His Campaign Contributions

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I wonder if 'Monkey' Boy Ron DeSantis will do the same. Twisted Evil

Ex-Kentucky governor Matt Bevin’s pardon list sparks call for probe

Kentucky Democrats are demanding a special prosecutor investigation of former Republican Gov. Matt Bevin for the hundreds of pardons he handed to convicted criminals on his last day in office this week.

Bevin‘s more than 400 pardons and commutations – some for people guilty of gruesome murders and rapes — came to light Wednesday, a day after his successor, Democrat Andy Beshear, was sworn in as governor.

One of the pardons went to convicted murderer Patrick Baker, whose brother hosted a fundraiser for Bevin in 2018 that netted $21,500 for the then-governor’s campaign.

“We want to make sure that there’s not this pay-for-play going on with gubernatorial pardons,” state Rep. Chris Harris told the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Bevin, who defended himself in a lengthy tweetstorm Friday, called the accusation “highly offensive and entirely false.”

“We are blessed to be Americans, living in a land that offers the possibility of a second chance for those who have ruined their first one,” he posted.

So said the loathsome motherfucker. Hell is to good for him.

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