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Trolling Trump 101

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1Trolling Trump 101 Empty Trolling Trump 101 on 7/28/2019, 7:07 pm


Poor little "No Puppet - You're the Puppet" Donnie. It seems the whole 80 minutes he was babbling earlier this week to a conference of eager young conservatives for Turning Point USA, Trump was standing before a bogus, virtuoso, downright heroic presidential seal, a thing of beauty to all who beheld it. The new fake seal swapped out our timeless bald eagle for the double-headed eagle from Russia’s national emblem. Instead of the traditional olive branch and arrows, the eagle clutched a set of golf clubs and a wad of cash. Its shield featured not stars but adorable, teeny hammers and sickles. And its patriotic Latin motto of "E pluribus unum" was replaced with "45 es un títere" - Spanish for "45 is a puppet."

Neither the ostensible leader of the free world nor any of the moronic members of his team noticed the wild discrepancies. But America did: #45isapuppet was trending on Twitter, and while the incompetent idiot/masterly troll behind the fiasco was reportedly fired, a weary country had a new hero. So did the original creator of the image, graphic designer and former Republican Charles Leazott, who in 2016 made the design, started sharing it with friends, and eventually posted it with "Resist" t-shirts and "Make America Sane Again" hats on an online store named "One Term Donnie." The parody seal, he says, "is the most petty piece of art I've ever created...It was a joke, an emotional release." To see "the president of the United States, who I despise" speak in front of it, he says, "just cracked me up." These days, it's the little things in life.

Trolling Trump 101 Ha_eautlupxyaewyyl

Trolling Trump 101 YtQ2DpP

2Trolling Trump 101 Empty Re: Trolling Trump 101 on 7/28/2019, 8:46 pm


Trolling Trump 101 Giphy_12

3Trolling Trump 101 Empty Re: Trolling Trump 101 on 7/29/2019, 10:42 am


I'm all for trolling the POTUS any day, all day. Trolling works both ways...for example the plastic straw campaign was started by conservationists as an environmental issue. DJT's marketing/gear folks came up with red plastic straws engraved with his name and is selling them in a pack of 10 for $15.

According to DJT's campaign manager, the sale of straws has raised over $200,000 in a week or two, over half of purchases made by people who have never donated to the campaign.

Trump straws: How the US president is using straws to beat ...

Why Trump is selling plastic straws at $15 a pack - and using them as a stick to beat liberals with. ... 'Trolling with straws' ... "It's an easy thing to seize on to make liberals seem ridiculous ...

4Trolling Trump 101 Empty Re: Trolling Trump 101 on 7/29/2019, 12:26 pm


I'm not sure anybody trolled him... I think Turning Point USA is just so flatline stupid that they don't know what the actual presidential seal looks like.

Turning Point USA is a propaganda organization composed of soulless slime who recognize that the conservative base are a bunch of hate-hearted idiots who'll believe anything they're told, as long as it's nasty, and they're profiting off of 'em big time. That's all they're about -- lying to people who want to be lied to and telling them it's okay to be bigots. They even keep black people on the payroll to spout white supremacist garbage so bigoted conservatives can look at them and go, "Hey, a black person's saying the same stuff I do, so I'm not a racist, I'm just right!" That's the whole purpose of Candace Owens, who's Turning Point USA's biggest "product." If you investigate the background of Candace at all you get a portrait of pure uncut sleaze.

Anyway, while that doctored seal is a good prank on Trump, I don't think any of 'em meant it to be... they just actually are that stupid and incompetent. They're basically a "young Republican" organization, and I've spent a lot of time around college... there's nothing more idiotic and scummy than a college Republican. Witness the Kappa Alpha scum at Ole Miss:

Think any of those geniuses have any sense at all? Aside from just being a completely shitty and racist thing to do, that's a "don't hire me, I'm an idiot" sign that's gonna be around their necks for life. And they deserve it.

It didn't surprise me much. Kappa Alphas are hardcore pieces of shit. Back when I was in college they were notorious for zooming around campus in trucks waving rebel flags and nooses and yelling the N-word at black students. I used to catch shit from 'em, too, because I was a metalhead and had long hair, which was a real no-go for conservatives back in the 80's. They'd drive by, yell stuff, and I'd yell stuff back... and then they'd slam on their brakes and pile out of their car... then pile right back into it when I didn't stop walking toward them. Five to one and they still didn't really want to fight. Occasionally you'd manage to get a few of 'em in a ruck, though. I kicked the fucking shit out of a few of 'em, still get aches in one hand when it rains from something a guy's face did to my fist (which, frankly, was dumb of me -- punching faces isn't the smartest thing to do). A friend of mine's band had a song called "Flying Possum Blues" that they wrote after a bunch of KA's drove by and threw a live possum at them because they had long hair and were hanging out with a black guy. The shit never ended with those bastards.

So, yeah, that they'd shoot up an Emmett Till sign doesn't surprise me, any more than their ideological cousins in Turning Point USA would foul up and pick a parody of the presidential seal. And, why not? Trump's a parody of a president.

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