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Aegean Breeze update

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1Aegean Breeze update Empty Aegean Breeze update 5/21/2019, 1:36 am


Stopped by Aegean a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday evening and they were closed.  There was a note on the door but we didn't get out to read it.  They were back open this past Saturday (had actually reopened the previous Friday, May 10, I believe), so we went there when the Three Mile Bridge was so terribly backed up into Pensacola Sat. night (accident?  never found out) that we couldn't get to Carrabbas anywhere near our call-ahead seating time and had to cancel.

Well, things have really changed -- lots of new staff, for one -- and we'll just have to see how it goes.  They have a brand new menu (still under development and subject to change again, they say), and several more of the old favorites have disappeared (including my beloved eggplant sandwich, my husband's fave seafood platter, etc.).

Apparently owner Gavin Regan was having some serious difficulties, and has turned over management to Shawn (sp?) Andrews.   I found this very frank post from Gavin on Aegean's Facebook page, dated April 11 (highlight by me); it would seem perhaps they were actually closed longer than the planned two weeks:

We will be closed for two weeks. Our food quality has suffered due to turnover in our kitchen. We need to restructure our menu as well as those staffing issues so we can provide the quality you and I have both become a custom to at Aegean. My sobriety, mental and physical health which I have always been open about have not been where they must be as well to be the father, husband or human being I need to be to run a successful establishment. More importantly it is effecting my ability to be the father, brother, husband, friend and human being I am called by God to be. If I'm being honest that's really it. I'm sorry we are affecting your plans with your loved ones and we plan on opening back up a week from Tuesday April 22nd. I really am very honored that any of you would chose us to share your special moments with family and friends. You have a lot of options and I don't take that for granted. We will do our best to make sure your time with us is the very best. Go tell someone you love them and go e your kids a hug. See you real soon. Thanks Gavin

There are over 80 FB comments from well-wishing customers.   I, too, hope things go well for him and for Aegean.

Aside from the new menu, they also have new, extended hours:

Tuesday-Saturday 11 AM - 9 PM, and now open for brunch on Sunday from 9 AM-3 PM.  Still closed Mondays.

Saturday's dinner (grilled redfish for me, grilled shrimp & scallops for hubby) was pretty good, though it took about 25 minutes to get our food.   They seemed to have a reasonably good crowd, though still not like the old days when there would be people lined up in the little lobby waiting to get in.

I think we'll go back again soon, see how they're doing.   Always a good place to go in warm weather when the beach places are hopelessly backed up.  

Fingers crossed for Aegean!  Heaven knows we can't stand to lose the last decent restaurant in Gulf Breeze.

2Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 5/21/2019, 1:35 pm



Oops just lost my long post!

Oh well, Gavin is trying. He has lost a lot of money, theft out the back door, like many restaurants. Hopefully, a new GM will help.

As far as Gavin, he is such a nice guy and a very devoted father. He coached a baseball team with my son this year. He is and has always been attentive to his son and the other kids on the team.

I love the idea of a good convenient restaurant in Gulf Breeze. I can’t get hubby to go to a restaurant and have to wait an hour or so for seating. Our favorite is Peg Legs.... we go for lunch or early supper downstairs. Going by boat with daughter and son in law in early afternoon is ok. McGuire’s isn’t going to happen. Casino Beach Bar is acceptable, I enjoy the rocking chairs and the breeze.

We did go to CBB for Mother’s Day just before Sunday. I by-passed my favorite blackened shrimp tacos for the healthy Tropical Salad and Ahi tuna tartare. I told Matt Lafon, the owner I was disappointed. After having the best salad ever... I expected to lose at least 20 lbs. 😂

3Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 6/18/2019, 2:43 am


Went to dinner at Aegean Saturday evening. It was woefully un-busy. How well I remember the days when there'd be a longish wait in the front lobby there every Saturday night this time of year. Scary. We do NOT need to lose another Gulf Breeze eatery, especially not this one. They have their failings, but are still one of the best remaining options for decent food on the peninsula when one doesn't want to wait two hours for a restaurant meal on the beach.

(And that's two hours after another hour trying to get through the Bob Sikes toll plaze if coming from Gulf Breeze to the beach -- a topic for another day. Plaza lane changes have made things MUCH worse for everyone, INCLUDING Sunpass holders. It needs fixing QUICK.)

4Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/13/2019, 12:17 am


Had a light supper at Aegean Thursday evening.

Hubby had the grouper sandwich, which was substantially smaller than they used to serve but still a fair portion, and grilled properly (not overdone). His fries were tasty and the serving size also more reasonable than in the past.

I ordered the new stuffed lamb pita and it was very tasty - small, tender and mild lamb chunks with lettuce, tomato and onion. Was able to sub a small baked potato for the fries - something that in the past occasioned an upcharge.

But discussion with our long time server indicated that since Sean (sp?) has now taken over the business, not only has the menu already changed substantially, but things will be evolving even more, and I'm not sure in a good way. The Greek flavor of the place - "since no one there is Greek anymore" -- will eventually be downplayed, with maybe only one or two Greek things on the menu at best. Already they've discontinued the wonderful kok cake (no!!! one of our fave desserts!!), and the popular eggplant pita sandwich is no more.

Even the name may change.

It's patently obvious that the old Aegean is definitely on the way out. I just hope they can manage to keep enough excellence and "specialness" to stay in business. Thursday we were shocked at how empty the place was, given the thousands of people in town for the Blue Angels weekend. We never, ever have a wait for a table any more. And while that's good for us, it's a bad indicator for the business. I feel Stavros must be turning over in his grave, if not crying.

5Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/13/2019, 3:05 am



I hope business picks up for Gavin. Our meals have been very good. I wish I had the ability to try new things...but I have to stick to the gluten thing. Hubby loves the fried oysters but I can’t even taste them. Crying or Very sad

Gavin has offered to bread mine with a gluten free mix... I had to decline his generosity. Cross contamination occurs in the fryers. The only fried food I can order out is Chick Fil A fries. They use a separate fryer just for the fries.

Glad you enjoyed your dinner. We have been enjoying Casino Beach Bar... a lot!

6Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/14/2019, 12:29 am


What I was told Thursday night is that Gavin still owns the building but has now sold the business itself to Sean, who will be free to make more changes.

Though we like the food, we've been avoiding Casino Beach Bar for quite some time now because of all the new construction going on - is that complete yet? Also, has their service sped up any?  Used to be one could count on an annoyingly long wait.  In any event we'd also avoid it in tourist season, as we do all but a couple of beach eateries.

It's a darned shame you have to deal with the gluten thing. Wish it were not so.

7Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/14/2019, 6:51 am



I posted in the Casino Beach thread. We have not had to wait for seating and the food wait was not a problem. In the evenings drinks and appetizers were ordered and the entree arrived in an appropriate amount of time. Construction is moving along.

Have not been the week of the 4th and Blue Angel week.

The gluten Celiac sucks!

8Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/14/2019, 11:31 am



Shawn is the General Manager of Aegean. Gavin still owns the restaurant.

9Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/14/2019, 1:31 pm


Joanimaroni wrote:Shawn is the General Manager of Aegean. Gavin still owns the restaurant.

Please double check your sources on this, OK? The sale to Shawn may've been a very recent occurrence, but this server has been with the restaurant for many years and it's hard for me to believe she would get this wrong.

10Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/15/2019, 12:17 am




11Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/15/2019, 1:58 am


Joanimaroni wrote:The gluten Celiac sucks!

Would this be a condition you've had your whole life but didn't know what was making you ill, and/or which worsened over time?  Or is it something that suddenly develops later in life, and if so, I'm wondering why?

Could google all this but it's easier to ask you.  

But I went ahead and did look it up and found lots of helpful info out there, including, for example (for any others interested), this from the Mayo Clinic:

Last edited by RealLindaL on 7/15/2019, 2:06 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : To add info from Mayo)

12Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/15/2019, 11:00 pm



It developed about 3-4 years ago. I had my first episode of severe diverticulitis and was admitted for a week on antibiotic. I thought it was my irritable bowel. It escalated from there. Polyps, diverticulosis, non alcoholic steatohepatitis, gastro-paresis and Celiac all diagnosed the following year.

13Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/15/2019, 11:08 pm



Good news is the liver studies have almost completely improved. Diabetes has improved and meds decreased. I still have a lot of stomach pain.

14Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/18/2019, 1:07 am


You must be doing something right, and the improvements are very good news, but I'm really sorry you're still having to suffer some pain.

15Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 7/19/2019, 2:14 am



Thank you!

16Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 1/5/2020, 2:03 am


Very said to report to those who don't know: Aegean Breeze has closed. Have heard it may re-open with a different theme, but have also heard nothing's happening and it may be sold. Seems a tragic end for a long time local favorite that has slowly declined since the sudden death of its founder.

I just messaged Aegean via their website, asking what plans may be in the works, but don't anticipate a response. Will post here if I'm wrong on that.

17Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 2/24/2020, 2:36 am


Anyone have any news re the Aegean spot? What a crying shame the late Stavros' pride and joy is gone. And to think Gulf Breeze already has a dearth of decent restaurants... Tsk tsk.

18Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 3/22/2021, 2:47 pm



Taco Rock bought Aegean Breeze. Still working on the interior.

19Aegean Breeze update Empty Re: Aegean Breeze update 4/11/2021, 3:52 pm


Thanks for the heads up on Taco Rock. Hope it works out for them. Maybe they can come up with a less confusing/overwhelming menu that doesn't take forever to figure out what to order.
Even though vaccinated, hubby and I are still skittish about eating in restaurants anyway -- at least until we see what happens with variants - so it'll be quite a while before we're ready to try the place. Let us know if/when you do, once they're open.

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