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Joani, did you see that child abuse case in Gulf Breeze?

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9 yr. old boy beaten so badly w/ a bamboo stick it broke. Lacerated his liver. The paper is not reporting the man is the stepdad nor the mother's name. The stepdad's name is Benjamin Donahue. The mother is a realtor here. The thing that gets me is the mother told police she didn't notice the boy was hurt. The teacher called in a report due to the bruising. The mother didn't notice the bruising? Whut! Both made the kid exercise for 5 hrs. at a time for punishment. I don't know why the mother wasn't arrested for failure to protect? The boy attends a private school w/ my granddaughter. Poor kid. Disgusts me to no end!


I saw it on Facebook. The mother should be arrested. From what I understand he had been beaten before but stated this was the worst one. This boy is lucky to be alive!



The mother's name is Jeanette Donahue. Works for Keller Williams Realty. The boy got beaten for making an 87 grade. You can see the boy on her FB page.


It listed the guy’s name as Benjamin Donahue.
Never listed him as step-dad. Mom needs to be arrested.


It is strange they didn't arrest her. I wonder why?

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