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I never missed Z more

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1I never missed Z more Empty I never missed Z more 2/9/2019, 6:45 am


His courage in making the transition to a wheelchair most forum members simply did not know because he did not want a pity party. There is a learning curve from walking to sitting in a chair. I just wish I could pick his ample brain right now. I used to fume when Pace would attack Z without knowing his situation and would constantly attack his military experience because Z consistently used logic and intelligence when talking about military issues, but I honored his request not to dwell on the chair, it was not like he was ashamed of the same rather he wanted to be treated normally like anybody else on the forum.. I leave this world knowing that there are real heroes and pretenders, and I had a bad moment at the buffet today as they played freebird and I thought of bob.....I mean how much fun was this place ten years ago. It was a collection of characters which quite frankly were more entertaining than watching tv, and now when I have a thousand questions about the chair transition, I can only smile and hope that I can be as courageous and positive as Z was. Cherish those folks you bump into in life and learn from each and everyone of them.

2I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/14/2019, 9:36 am


as the doc has said die or put on calories, he mentioned I must exercise the atrophied muscles. We are taking the wheelchair over to whole foods two blocks from nw hospital. We have heard incredible stories about variety and quality. I need to take in more and varied calories when my body shuts the eating process down with mucus and now the actual muscles of my jaw and mouth are having a difficult time chewing. I am excited to be able to use the wheelchair at a grocery store. We will buy some things we can put in a cooler. My falling liver functions must find stability or I am dead. PRRT can extend life to sixty months, with the mean around thirty six, but you have to survive about three to four months to get the best killing results from the procedure. So the next four months it will be eating five to six times a day and exercise. I will take a photo of my upper body which is grotesque, but it will give a baseline when I discuss these issues. If they can give me a year more life even with the pain and disability, I am happy. F cancer.

Z lived a full life from a wheelchair and I can only hope to have half the time he enjoyed with his family. The transition to the chair and his adaptions each person must figure out and it helps when people read the same issues they may face.

3I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/14/2019, 1:00 pm



I would've thght your jaw muscles would be the last to go considering how much you like to talk. Cool

4I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/14/2019, 3:54 pm


LOL Pkr -- me too.

Sea, thanks and please keep these great informative (and hopeful!) posts coming. I love that you're now talking months, plural, and maybe even a year. If anyone can do it, you can!

Let us know what exotic wonders you find at Whole Foods, and by all means have fun!

And how about a little Valentine's treat for you and the missus? Can you do chocolate at all, or something else sweet?

5I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/14/2019, 10:09 pm



Sounds encouraging.

6I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/19/2019, 12:42 pm



I thought about Z while in Gatlinburg. Zman always bragged about Mellow Mushroom’s pizza. I ate there and had the best gluten free pizza I have ever had!!! Thank you Z man.

7I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/19/2019, 5:46 pm


So I guess you'll be trying Mellow Mushroom in P'Cola?

8I never missed Z more Empty Re: I never missed Z more 2/19/2019, 11:09 pm



I will! I get the gluten free pizza at Santino’s. It is safe and the staff is very careful with the preparation. Extra cheese helps.

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