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Trump ratings go up.......brilliant strategy

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He is still one of the most despised Presidents in American History, but despite this, Democrats and their chit show have as reported by CNN had Trump's approval go up. How could they blow the perfect opportunity to frame the issues in such a way to make the Republicans the bad guys.....other than the most strident Rachel Maddow audience, the American people are going to give democrats a big FU at the mid term elections......with history on their side, with a sixth grade moron in office, the democrats have just shot themselves in the foot. The utter hubris to think that Corey Booker could beat has become full throttle delusional. Where are the blue collar white males in the Democratic Party? Without them, Trump wins, and this chit show just about guaranteed the same.


Trump is bragging all over the country when a strategic retreat and plan could have won the mid terms. He will use this for a couple of weeks, but if you do not think the campaign ads across this country in the next month are going to show the outrageous conduct of Harris and Booker.....they were special.....they would give a big FU to the process and leave the hearings to talk with the media in the hallway........watching those two be engulfed by pure political self serving actions for election to the oval office.......this will NEVER happen. They are a joke to most Americans after the I am Spartacus moment, and they do not have enough sense to realize they screwed the pouch.

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