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Shan Kishi Japanese Hibachi in Gulf Breeze

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Birthday dinner for my 11 yr old grandson. Hibachi dinner was his choice. The food was excellent and the chef's show was captivating. I love seeing the kids eat. They enjoyed the broth and salad with a ginger dressing. The entree' choices were mainly steak and shrimp for all 12 of us. Perfectly cooked.

My gluten free Steak was prepared in the kitchen and it was delicious.


Glad you enjoyed.  Not our type of place, but am happy to see it's still going.   We did try it once when it first opened; don't like sushi nor are we into the hibachi scene, and the menu items were almost all battered.  Can only go for so much of that at one sitting. Bottom line is I guess there are just too many other places we'd rather go.  Each to their own!!

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