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What a comfort...

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1What a comfort... Empty What a comfort... 6/16/2017, 11:22 pm



Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent said Friday that in the wake of the congressional shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday, he is giving up his violent political rhetoric.

Gee, thanks, Ted.

'Bout time, you asshole.

2What a comfort... Empty Re: What a comfort... 6/17/2017, 2:54 am



We got a kinder, gentler,
Machine gun hand

Neil Young



Keep fomenting that civil war folks....

4What a comfort... Empty Re: What a comfort... 6/17/2017, 4:24 pm



There it is, that noise again. What is it? Is anyone else hearing it? It sounds like a mosquito or something.

5What a comfort... Empty Re: What a comfort... 6/18/2017, 1:56 am


Yep -- it's one of those pesky mosquitoes that carry serious diseases infecting the nation.

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