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Fried Egg Sandwich

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1Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Fried Egg Sandwich 6/3/2017, 10:53 pm


I am having difficulty with spicy food as I am getting tongue and mouth sores, so tonight I have asked my wife to make me two two egg per sandwich fried egg sandwiches soaked and fried in an abundance of land of lake butter. Cardiac criminal act, but I am all in. I will report on how it worked out, but in college, I lived on these and peanut butter sandwiches.....and of course beer, but I have not had a fried egg sandwich in five years.....oh boy. We will see how the tongue will react.

2Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/3/2017, 11:38 pm



Thrush? Nistatin swish and swallow.

3Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/4/2017, 6:18 am



No, after the debulking of the lung tumors, they splashed some radiation, or froze parts of my tongue because when I awoke after the surgery I had lost all taste for six months, and began having horrible sores on my tongue at different times of the month. I asked the doctor, and he said it was not related to the cancer, but a friend of mine died from liver tumors and the last month he could not even eat yogurt because of the tongue sores. He was given a spray for them before he would eat, but it was a horrible ending. Right when I think they will never get better, they will completely disappear for two weeks and without any warning reappear.

4Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/4/2017, 7:15 am



They can make an elixir of pepto, lidocaine, and i think benadryl that can help... particularly before meals.

5Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/4/2017, 6:13 pm



Talk to the pharmacist....

6Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/5/2017, 9:24 am


Nothing wrong with a fried egg sandwich! I don't crave them but every couple of years, but if you get the idea in your head, nothing else will do. Some pepper, a little mustard...

The main thing I remember about fried egg sandwiches was a story I heard about this place called Oki Dog where punk rock kids in L.A. used to hang out. It was famous mostly for a tortilla wrapped around two hot dogs and a bunch of chili and cheese. But the kids liked the place because it was really laid back and would make just about anything -- you could tell them what amount of money you had, and they could figure out something to feed you. If you had a couple of bucks, you could get a hamburger or hot dog or whatever, but if all you had was fifty cents, they'd make you a fried egg sandwich. So, there were a lot of punk-rock kids eating fried egg sandwiches at that place... Smile

7Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/5/2017, 9:37 am



The Aussies like a fried egg on their hamburgers. It's pretty good... but only once in a while to me.

8Fried Egg Sandwich Empty Re: Fried Egg Sandwich 6/6/2017, 1:25 am


Hubby loves fried egg sandwiches so he makes us one to share every couple of weeks. No mustard for me! Mayo on one side of my half, a bit of horseradish sauce on the other. He just takes the horseradish sauce on one side. Purist. Ha.

Sea, sorry to read of this new trouble. Hope you can find a workaround so you can enjoy your food.

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