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We only want to allow people in our country who "love" our country.....just like Mr. Trump's marriage vows

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I just watched people cheering the sewage coming out of this man's mouth. Our problem is not is us. This man thinks that only people who love America can come to America.........only a man who can lie so easily would think that saying you love someone or something is forever......three marriages and numerous affairs later.......this man of honor tells us a new litmus of country. Can we get anybody competent to run as a republican to get by this crazy dixiecrat Trump supporters.



MICHAEL SAVAGE: Donald Trump is with us on the Savage Nation. Line 10. Donald Trump, you're the only one who can save us from this insanity. We need you Donald. You've got to become president.

DONALD TRUMP: There's no question about it. It's horrible. What's going on is horrible. And Hillary Clinton was there. I mean, she was there. Now she's saying what she's going to do. What can she do? She was there and led to the weakness of our country. And it's disgraceful that she now talks about what she can do. She can do nothing.

The problem is that nearly half the electorate is so stupid and afraid that they yearn for an authoritarian savior to rule them.

It really is scary that so many Americans can be so easily bamboozled by a con man who plays a rich tough guy on TV.

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