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Johnny Cash at The Viper Room, Dec 3 1993

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

This was one month after the actor River Phoenix died from a drug overdose on the street in front of the club.[/youtube][/url]

from another webpage...

Cash did something at the Viper Room that he had never done before: he played solo. He famously debuted much of the solo material that was later released on the Rubin-produced CD, American Recordings, reportedly beginning with his own composition, Drive On. Johnny Depp introduced the Man In Black by saying "Ladies and gentlemen, I can't believe I get to say this: Johnny Cash!" Rick Rubin recalls: "It was an incredible night. Dead silent. You could hear a pin drop. People couldn't believe that it was Johnny Cash there in the Viper Room. He started playing, and I could see how nervous he was, but by the middle of the first song, or the beginning of the second song, all of the fear was gone. He was in the music and it was beautiful. People who were there that night still talk about it as one of the greatest things they've ever seen.

Johnny Cash at The Viper Room,  Dec 3 1993 Cashdriveonlyrics



I think Cash's voice was richer during his last few years.

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