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South Florida is warm and inviting

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After a week of spitting up blood and working my asz off fixing another rental, it is nice to be in warm weather in Fort Meyer and having found a pet friendly hotel which is nice, and near so many of our friends down here. We go to dinner tonight because a friend was kind enough to have made reservations for four, and on Valentine day it is difficult to walk into a restaurant down here because everybody is retired and they simply keep breathing to go to dinner. The swelling on the bronchial tubes has subsided and I am breathing better, and no more blood. The only really bad thing is that my tongue got seriously messed up in surgery. It felt like the entire surface of the tongue was burned. I know they freeze the NET tumors before debulking, and they cauterize once they hit vascular structure, and then radiate each of the four marble size tumors, but something they were using got all over my tongue. Everything I eat or drink is bitter and tastes metallic. It is most unpleasant. Water is fine, but even a diet coke tastes like I am drinking battery acid. I can eat something sweet like a Reese peanut butter cup and it tastes like I have taken a straw and I am sucking up battery acid from the car. I have not drank alcohol in four years since the metastasis on the liver, but I think I am going to have a Tang and Tonic tonight because I might as well get chit faced in light of the four new tumors and everything tasting like acid. It will be fun to not be working and enjoying the company of so many friends. We are already booked solid through Tuesday, and they have talked me into golfing nine holes.....they are like sharks in the water who can smell the blood and are going to whack me in our usual golf gambling.....but I am happy my wife can golf with the girls because with me being ill she has missed out on a great deal of social interactions we would enjoy when I was healthy. We found a cool dog park for the pup to run in the morning. All good.



Have a good time.


Glad you're managing to enjoy, Sea. I don't suppose it might do some good to contact the Northwestern docs and ask if there's any quick, easy remedy for the tongue situation? They might surprise you.

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