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“If you just obey the law you won’t have any problems.”

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It’s circular reasoning, obviously – with the circles becoming ever
tighter as they spiral down toward the drain into outright and abject
slavery. Which even then, Clover will not see as slavery. He will still be free to act, he thinks
– provided of course that he acts within the boundaries laid down for
him. In the same way a slave was free to pick cotton; or the medieval
serf free to farm his small plot… so long as he gave his Lord the
specified portion of his crop.

Clover does not grasp that each time he submits, he has surrendered a piece of his life. And much worse, the lives of others, too.

Eventually, there will be nothing left to surrender.

But this ugly inevitability does not trouble Clover. He agrees to
allow others to direct and control his life, to make his decisions for
him. And because he has accepted this “direction,” so also must others. If they do not, if they object in any way, then they deserve what comes to them.

It will please Clover to see them punished.

Unfortunately, Clover’s psychological S&M routine is not his
private perversion – which incidentally would be ok, in a free society.
If he likes being told what to do – and punished when he does not do as
he’s told – he has every right to live that dynamic provided it’s just
between him and his dominatrix. What’s not ok – if society is
to be free – is Clover’s demand that everyone else don the Gimp suit and
rubber ball in the mouth, accept the lash and say “yes, Mistress” (that
is, yes, Officer) on cue.

After all, if he had nothing to hide… .

Because he cannot stand the idea that anyone might violate the law he worships in the same way that a jungle savage worships a shrunken head.

Clovers at the airport get upset when a traveler dares to
assert his fourth amendment rights. Clovers manned the camps in Germany
and Soviet Russia, in Cambodia and Cuba. And they will man them here,

. Because if someone is allowed to be free – to go in peace – then potentially, everyone may go in peace.
And that simply cannot be tolerated.

Clover knows it – and will literally kill to prevent it.

“If you just obey the law you won’t have any problems.”  Clover-3-300x126



“If you just obey the law you won’t have any problems.”  Th?id=I.4802903703160304&pid=1

Where was crimson during all of this?



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