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The Clinton Friday Night Dump results in MORE CLASSIFIED EMAILS FROM OR TO HILLARY.

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The Clinton Friday Night Dump results in MORE CLASSIFIED EMAILS FROM OR TO HILLARY.

How all this intentional careless, flippant way our classified information been handled NOT BE FELONIES?

Obama drawn into Clinton email controversy
As State Department releases the latest batch, the White House is trying to hold back the release of Clinton's emails with Obama.

President Barack Obama found himself drawn into Hillary Clinton's email controversy Friday as the White House acknowledged the State Department is withholding a set of messages Obama and Clinton exchanged during her four years as secretary of state.

As the State Department made public a new batch of more than 7,200 pages of Clinton's emails,officials stressed that the White House was not asserting executive privilege over the Obama-Clinton exchanges but insisting that they be treated as presidential records, which are normally not available to the public until between five and 12 years after a president leaves office.

Friday's document release is the sixth of its kind and with it, more than half of the messages Clinton turned over to the agency from her private email account and server have now been made public. In the new batch, State deemed 268 emails classified at the lowest classification tier, according to spokesman John Kirby, who said that none of these emails "were marked classified at the time they were sent or received." There are now between 600 and 700 emails newly marked as classified since the releases began in May.


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Imagine, no comment from the Progressives conceding that their only candidate really did transmit Top Secret information over her personal devices, including her personal server.

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