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Criminal Spy Jonathan Pollard to be Paroled in November

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Criminal spy Jonathan Pollard, who sold Israel copies of some of America's most important military secrets during the 1980s will be paroled in November, after serving 30 years of a life sentence for espionage.

A Jew who said he did it for his love for Israel and not for money (a lie, of course), Pollard was apprehended with a 70 pound suitcase stuffed full of top-secret documents. His wife was in on the caper, and when the jig was up, the Pollards sought sanctuary at the Israeli embassy in Washington. The Israelis would not allow them in, and the FBI nabbed them at the embassy gates.

Pollard has renounced his U.S. citizenship for an Israeli one, and what I hope is that as soon as he is released, he is deported to Israel.

It bothers me that President Obama decided to let this Mossad mole go and not complete his life-sentence in federal custody (you know, keep him locked-up until he is dead). I am sure this was a bone to throw at Bibi Netanyahu, who is embarrassed by the Pollard affair and has demanded Pollard's release during both his previous and current gigs as Israeli PM.


He was eligible for parole after 30 years.  The parole board granted parole.....not President Obama.  He will be gone from America, and the taxpayers will not be paying for his room and board.  See Ya!

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