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The NRA loves Whackos who buy guns!

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The Louisiana movie theater shooter had a clear record of mental problems on record, yet, thanks to idiots like War Hero and Semi-sane Markle, and the NRA who is nothing but a shill for gun manufacturers, this dead, right wing Christian conservative with a history of mental problems was able to legally buy a handgun, in Bobby Jindals' state -- the one with the highest number of gun homicides in the entire nation.

And then there's the other fundamentalist whacko -- Abdul Azziz -- the Chattanooga, TN shooter who gunned down the four unarmed Marines and the Sailor in the recruiting station -- investigation has revealed this guy suffered mental problems and was actually in treatment for depression, yet he had no problem buying a .45 cal Glock.

It appears than ANYONE who advocates leaving our current gun laws as they are, should not be allowed to own or carry a firearm. Even suggestions that Gun Dealers be provided swift access to records of people with a history of mental illness, are staunchly resisted by the gun lobbyists -- funded by the NRA.

Screw the NRA and any nutcases who insist that whackos should be allowed to buy guns. From their record of late, it could appear to some that membership in the NRA would qualify a person as someone suffering mental illness!!

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