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Did the O ever make a statement about the four deceased Mariines and the one dead sailor?

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Yes that's Peedog and IAmEthna or whatever is Chrissy. They always come back.


Vikingwoman wrote:Yes that's Peedog and IAmEthna or whatever is Chrissy. They always come back.

Just like you.


An Abrams tank should be parked directly outside every recruiting station in the USA. And Military Police -- armed to the teeth -- should be stationed at the entry. All people seeking entry should be thoroughly searched for firearms and/or explosives.

Our totally insane Pentagon thinks that having armed military personnel in a military recruitment center might turn off possible recruits. As usual, the pentagon has it wrong. (Quick, name three wars we've won since WWII).

The job applicants seeking employment and fully life exploitation by joining one of the military services, know full well the main job in the military is killing people designated as enemies by Ted Cruz and gang. Why then, would the view of an armed recruiting soldier be a turn-off?

Remember, the folks who want to check out military service are doing so for the money, the adventure, the sex, and the right to kill people as directed. And let's not forget the training and after service college help.

And for God and Der Homeland, and the beautiful stars and bars -- er, American flag -- of course.



There's 25,000 murdered Libyian's to prove that Hillary and Obama are part of that crew in charge of designating enemies.



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