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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob
I turned on Morning Joe this morning about an hour after it started.  It was on a commercial break.  When  it came back from the break,  the big news was that Donald Trump had called the show during the break.

What I then learned is that Lawrence O'Donnell had been a guest on the show earlier.  And apparently he got in full rant mode and said what Donald Trump put on his financial disclosure is all lies.  That Trump did not make the amount of money from The Apprentice he says he did.

And then after that rant ended is when Trump called the show.  In that phone call to the show Trump issued a challenge to O'Donnell.  Said he would bet O'Donnell a year of his (Trump's) tv income against a year of O'Donnell's tv income and if Trump can prove what he disclosed is accurate,  then O'Donnell has to give him the year's salary.  Or if O'Donnell can prove what he said then O'Donnell will get a year of Trump's salary.

Stay tuned.  It's just like wrastlin.  Randy Savage Trump has now gotten up in Hulk Hogan O'Donnells face and challenged him to a grudge match.
And of course,  just like in wrastlin,  all this will do is get more publicity for the two wrastlers.  And for the media which puts on the wrastlin show.

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