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Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The American Police State from A to Z...depresssing

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A is for the AMERICAN POLICE STATE. As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, a police state “is characterized by bureaucracy, secrecy, perpetual wars, a nation of suspects, militarization, surveillance, widespread police presence, and a citizenry with little recourse against police actions.”


The President must make this the highest priority.  The drug war must end.  Prison and Jail populations are six fold from when I was a senior in high school, and the criminal justice system needs to be reduced by 25% over the next decade.  In the Mays case we saw how police violating a citizens fourth amendment rights guaranteed under the constitution can be tossed in the garbage with a bad stop, yet the citizen is attacked in the newspaper and here.  A tax credit to a company which buys a new CNC machine which increases the profitability and production of that company is capital equipment that contributes to the GDP and not a rabbit hole of salaries for government employees who produce nothing, and as they grow must justify their existence by turning citizens into criminals.  The mindset is the dangerous thing.  It only takes a few good people to stand up and be counted.  To say your supervisor.....NO that police budget must be reduced.......No the courts wanting a taj Mahal at taxpayer expense rather than stay in functional to military equipment and swat teams doing simple arrest to unfair prison terms which are based on bias in to the weight of more public pensions without increasing the productivity and takes a bipartisan effort and each of us should let our representatives know we have had enough.

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