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Trump -- Roger Aile's gift to the Republican Party!

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Because conservative America is toxic-ally racist, Trump just might win.  And no black American will vote for him -- not after all of the accumulated racist and birther hoopla Trump hurled at Obama.

And now, no Latino will vote for Trump either.

It appears, by their muted, almost silent response to Trump's "I assume some Mexicans are good people," statement, the current list of 6,473 Republican candidates are between a rock and a hard place.  If they bomb Trump they turn off the rabid end of the ultra-right wing, and kiss a primary win good bye.  

Either way, Trump is Bernie Sander's and Hillary's gift from Ailes and Fox that won't stop giving.

Adding to the right wing's utter chaos, Boehner is trapped in the congressional Confederate Flag controversy.

So here's a question for all you conservative stalwarts on this forum:  just what percent of the Republican party isn't racist?


Trump is a NWO shill to draw attention away from the rest of the republican candidates and of course the mainstream media is more than happy to Trump Trump Trump incessantly. Makes Hillary's job easier.


Trump will never win the nomination. The GOP has to have somebody they can control.


Vikingwoman wrote:Trump will never win the nomination. The GOP has to have somebody they can control.

I truly appreciate your point of view. But I can't think of a single congressional incident in the last year that indicates the GOP controls much of their party, can you? The GOP doesn't control the Dixiecrats nor the Tea Party -- both of which are necessary for any Republican candidate to win the primary.

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