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RIP J. Earle Bowden

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1RIP J. Earle Bowden Empty RIP J. Earle Bowden 2/16/2015, 12:46 pm



2RIP J. Earle Bowden Empty Re: RIP J. Earle Bowden 2/16/2015, 1:59 pm



A terrible loss of a Pensacola icon.

3RIP J. Earle Bowden Empty Re: RIP J. Earle Bowden 2/18/2015, 10:40 pm


How did I miss this. Earl used to argue with me under different names on the PNJ. I called him the patrician.....we plebs were unworthy. I did this to mess with him, but my respect for this man's talent and accomplishments is unlimited. My only regret is that I did not meet him personally. I just thought he was like the energizer bunny and would go on forever. We had great debates 10 years ago, after I would regularly dissect one of his viewpoints. He hated the access than mere plebs had to if it somehow diminished his did not. He was a great man.

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