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Here are a few things the two Presidential candidates ought to be talking about

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1. Housing – the crisis continues and programs like HARP are not working
2. Federal job growth is astounding – over 150,000 federal jobs were “created” in the last few years with an average union protected salary of $70K. Sweet….
3. 1/3 of Americans are on public assistance
4. Energy costs are out of control affecting prices of other goods and services
5. 23 million people unemployed or underemployed making the real unemployment rate, including those who have stopped looking for work, a staggering 14.9%. Unemployment is also being concealed by the between 3-4 million people who have been added to the Social Security disability insurance program
6. $16 trillion in debt and growing
7. No budget in place for several years


Another inconvenient truth omitted that I think is both sad but telling is over 16 million children go to bed hungry in this country.

Good post chain.


Cool federal reserve / monetary policy



The expensive and destructive "war on drugs".

Military aid to Israel.

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