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How to find a job in Pensacola

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1How to find a job in Pensacola Empty How to find a job in Pensacola 8/29/2012, 9:05 pm



New Pensacola Job List -

We find local jobs from around the web, and list them for your convenience.

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Have some questions for you William.

When you click on a job, most do not have contact information or a link to a verified employers website to submit an application, the only way to apply is to use the "Apply Online" button. So the question is if someone uses the "Apply Online" form where does someones resume and personal information go since it IS NOT linked to the jobs from Indeed or to a employers website?

Why is there no information on the people who supposedly submitted the job? They are all blank.

How would a prospective employer receive a resume someone submits from the "Apply Online" button?

Sorry this looks like a phishing scheme for personal information to be used for identity theft. So who has access to peoples personal info submitted through your site? SRCSO might ask that question.

3How to find a job in Pensacola Empty Not A Scam 8/30/2012, 10:02 am



I appreciate your concern.

The site is very new, and does not have many active members yet.

Some of the jobs have been submitted by employers, and some were gathered from the web and posted by the admin on the site.

When the admin posts a job, he uses the employer's contact info from elsewhere on the web, so all resumes go directly to the employer using the Apply Now Button.

The site is simply a tool for employers to find employees, and employees to find jobs. I think you would agree that this would be a positive thing in this economy.



This site makes me nervous. Take a look at this:

I'm willing to listen to a good explanation for this. The tags associated with that "job" are enough to make any job hunter think twice before submitting a resume.

5How to find a job in Pensacola Empty Spam 9/1/2012, 12:47 pm




The tag you are referring to was added by a job poster.

Job postings on the site are currently free, so anyone can post a job. This particular poster appears to be overusing keywords to get more attention on the web.

This kind of thing is hard to prevent, even on the big name sites. See example here:

I happen to think that this makes the job poster look spammy, but please don't judge the entire site based on the actions of one poster. This would be like saying craigslist was a scam because it has a few jerks on it.

For the sake of others confusion, I have used my admin privileges to disable the keyword you mentioned for that particular job poster.

I appreciate your help in improving our site.

- PensacolaFLJobs

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob



The site you mention is a good source for jobs, but our site improves on it in a few key areas:

1 - Our interface is more user friendly.

2 - We do not charge for job postings, which encourages small businesses to use the service.

3 - Our partnership with allows us to bring additional sponsored jobs to you from around the web.

Happy Job Hunting!




do you re-locate?

9How to find a job in Pensacola Empty RE: Rogue 9/7/2012, 11:21 pm




Relocation would depend on the individual job poster. We provide a place to connect with job posters, but we are not offering jobs or relocation directly.


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