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Star trek.....Captain Kirk kisses a black woman......

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The show was blacked out of the South and the ratings plummeted. Bill Maher is talking to George Takei. He talked about being five years old being taken to a camp because he was japanese......he talked about how the kids at the border will remember everything. Some people think talking about the way we treat people is no longer relevant......utter denial of history and complete denial of today's reality......beam me up Scotty.



Bill Maher is often funny, sometimes right, but always an asshole. 

He put that last characteristic on display on Twitter yesterday and on last night's show. 

His Israelite knob-polishing was embarrassing. 

It was worth a watch to see Nate Silver sit in silent disdain for thirty minutes with a pained look on his face. 


Good observation. I felt that silver would rather have been sitting in Mosul selling Kosher hot dogs than having to join Bill Cheer leading the one sided massacre of civilians. Silver, however made it clear that 2014 midterms are not going to be good for Democrats, and he is brilliant and usually spot on correct. However, Bill always makes pointed observations which anger somebody. I think he has overall been a beacon of sanity when it was all too easy to join the majority to rush to a conclusion which was not true. People like him and hate him, but I think he is mostly wrong on the Israelis response, but in baseball hitting the ball one in three at bats makes you an all star.



Star trek.....Captain Kirk kisses a black woman...... Screen25

Assholishness on at least three different levels here ....

... strike three.

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