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Karl's answer to a detractor on another forum...Long post.

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Karl Schwarz responds... 01.Jun.2005 18:53
repozt link

First off I will address the Portland Indy Media posting and demonstrate the
irrelevance and inaccuracy of most of this researcher's alleged findings.

The Portland Indy Media post is a partially the work of plagiarism in that
Kelly Ann Thomas of Texas had typed most of this before and placed it on her
website. She then retracted it all after we began direct communications.

Everything about Schwarz, not everyone wants to know....

9/11 -Karl Schwarz -Spook or Strutter?
wild ties from US Defense Communications Agency (DCI) to Israeli Air Force

Response: Have not at any time in the past or present had anything to do
with DCI or Israeli Air Force. This person is reaching to create
controversy out of nothing.

1) The Karl Schwarz- Karl Schwarz connection

Is Karl Schwarz connected with the personality of german Karl Schwarz?
Schwarz (US) insisted, it's not him.

German Karl Schwarz is interestingly a turbine specialist as well and
involved with Lockheed test flights.

Response: Absolutely no connection whatsoever. The German Karl Schwarz was
actually connected to Lufthansa and their Lockheed aircraft, more so than
Lockheed. It would help if "read" and "pay attention" were in the same

Just because two people have the same name does not a conspiracy make.
There is also a Karl Schwarz brewery in Austria, Karl Schwarz MD and Karl
Schwarz theologian, all, no relationship whatsoever to me.

2) Schwarz mirrored number

His public telephone number, is still listed as 501-663-4959,
but already since last year belonging to someone named Robbie W Dickson -
(501) 663-4959

Response: Has not been my telephone number for quite some time. Any
researcher worth a penny would know that Robbie W. Dickson is my mother's
re-married name and that I have a half-brother with the last name of
Dickson. Wow, what a researcher. My telephone is AC 770. See if this
genius can figure it out since such inaccuracy is assured to prove nothing
on 9-11.

3) Schwarz unregistered companies

Commaxxess, Inc. which was in alleged negotiations on assets from Global
Crossing, had their website at a free host

Response: COMMAXXESS, Inc. was quite registered, in Delaware and offshore.
Shoddy research to have not known that, or focus on just one state or one
nation. "Rank Amateur" comes to mind. COMMAXXESS never shared a website
with GlobalAxxess. GlobalAxxess is the former global VAR of UUNet, only
global VAR of 15 VARs allowed by UUNet. The website used to redirect to a
UUNet / GlobalAxxess joint site but that ended when the relationship did.
When WorldCom purchased UUNet, we were already aware of the fraud going on
inside of WCOM and changed names to distance our IP-centric activities from
WCOM and what was headed their way.

This "researcher" is to me obviously myopic and not very thorough, or does
not understand business structure and relationships that have nothing to do
with 9-11.

Corporation Name GLOBALAXXESS, LLC.

Response: We used a remote domain host away from our main servers because
of WCOM attempts to hack into our customer base. Irrelevant, meaningless
research by this person and drawing ludicrous assumptions.

From researcher "Tradermule", November 2004:

"GlobalAxxess claims in its comments that it recently made an offer to the
United States Trustee and to counsel for the Official llnsecured Creditors
Committee. GlobalAxxess Cmts., at 3. Applicants are not aware of
any such offer. Moreover, as discussed above, the Bankruptcy Court concluded
that the Proposed Transaction represents the best offer to GCL and issued a
Sale Order approving the Proposed Transaction. Issues
regarding other bids are properly directed to the Bankruptcy Court, not the

Response: The attorneys for the secured creditors - the ones that were in
control of the bankruptcy, was Milbank Twead, NYC, specifically Allan
Brilliant and Diedre Sullivan. Met with them on several occassions [Chase
Plaza, lower Manhattan] regarding the higher offer, $415 million cash, $400
million per year over 5 years. Offer was presented to US Trustee, Secured
and Unsecured Creditors. Tradermule's "findings" are not close to accurate.
It was a 282 page document prepared by bankruptcy counsel for the
acquisition of Global Crossing assets in bankruptcy.

If this person "Tradermile" had taken the time to read "One-Way Ticket to
Crawford, TX" they would have known all about it in chapters 12-14. Again,
shoddy, half done research that is totally irrelevant to 9-11.

The only offer ever submitted by Global Crossing to the court was the lowest
offer, no due diligence. This person needs to read One Way Ticket to
Crawford Texas to understand why that happened and why "high bid with due
diligence" was something feared by Global Crossing and many of their main
Wall Street creditors. Part of the NWO you fear is they needed a global
financial network owned by the banks, i.e. Global Crossing.

Pg 5, note 8
nt=6513387091> &id_document=6513387091

They weren't aware because there was no such offer. There are no billions.
GlobalAxxess was nothing but an empty registration in Arkansas.

Response: Another erroneous assumption. There are hundreds of documents
filed on this website that expose the entire Global Crossing scam.
GlobalAxxess was a dba of a much larger holding co that raised $1.6 billion
offshore. The parent entity is domiciled in Germany. As a VAR of UUNet,
that became owned by WCOM, we kept our distance while still doing business
offshore. We were never a US VAR of UUNet and looking in the US for a
Global VAR is amateurish.

GlobalAxxess was from inception a subsidiary and was merely registered in
the U.S. Nothing even remarkable about that, except some that love to waste
their time and others. GlobalAxxess ceased doing business under that name
in June 2003, so continuation of the registration was meaningless. It was
registered in many other places than Arkansas. Revoked in the context
showed below means the registration was not "renewed", paid for to be
extended another year. Very simple process, either pay and renew or let it
lapse because it is not needed, not used.

Had this person read the book I wrote, the pointlessness of their post would
be evident. The proof of funds was faxed to the White House on request;
that is in the book I wrote as well.

My divorce was in 2002, business interests moved out of Arkansas or, kept
out of Arkansas and in some instances out of the U.S.

One of the things to watch out for in bankruptcy cases are the "penny stock
whores". With a handle like "Tradermule", might be one of those types of
vultures. They do not like anyone who stands up for the shareholders as I
did. Relevant information would be to find out if Tradermule is this type
of person for they are quite sleazy.

Corporation Name GLOBALAXXESS, LLC.
Fictitious Names N/A
Filing # 100183720
Filing Type Limited Liability Company
Filed under Act Domestic LLC; 1003 of 1993
Status Revoked 12/31/2002
Principal Address

Reg. Agent T.B. PATTERSON, JR.


HOT SPRINGS, AR 719134406
Date Filed 04/10/2000
Officers N/A
Foreign Name N/A
Foreign Address

State of Origin

Who is T B Patterson, you ask? Well, he must be some hotshot corporate
lawyer! Nope.... put him in the Arkansas search engine...

6 records found

Name City State Status

Fictitious Names N/A
Filing # 100184670
Filing Type For Profit Corporation
Filed under Act Dom Bus Corp; 958 of 1987
Status Revoked 12/31/2002
Principal Address

Reg. Agent T.B. PATTERSON, JR.


HOT SPRINGS, AR 719134406
Date Filed 05/02/2000
Officers MARILYN M. SCWARZ, President
T.B. PATTERSON, JR., Secretary

Foreign Name N/A
Foreign Address

State of Origin N/A

Response: This person missed over 30 entities, but then focusing on
Arkansas when business interests are in other states, other countries is
quite the waste of time. T. B. Patterson, Jr. lives in South Carolina, not
Arkansas. I live in GA, not Arkansas. Very shoddy research, but then maybe
half-baked assumptions is the point of such "researchers". Sure have not
proven anything on 9-11.

Despite the misspelling, we suspect that Marylin M. Scwarz is Marilyn Moody

Response: Former Wife, we divorced in 2002 and divorce was granted to me.
Reason, none of anyone's business but ours. "Suspect?" Big deal, totally
irrelevant. Her name was Marilyn McDougald Schwarz, not Marilyn Moody
Schwarz. Again, shoddy research.
ns/1996a/960918/ca94-695.wpd+&hl=en> &hl=en

"...In March 1976, Karl Schwarz and his wife, Lois
Love Schwarz, purchased Lot 11 of the Hilltop Manor
Addition in Little Rock (Lot 11) as tenants by the entirety. In January
1985, the Schwarzes separated, Karl Schwarz moved out of the home, and a
divorce action was filed. In the resulting divorce decree dated September
12, 1985, Karl Schwarz was ordered to quitclaim his interest in the marital
home to Lois Schwarz, who later resumed using her maiden name of Lois Love.
He did not do so....."

(Love, Arkansas style.)

Response: Had this person been "transparent" and not self-serving, they
would have admitted that the issue before the Arkansas Supreme Court was the
forgery of my name on deeds. They would also have admitted to all of you
readers that I won, the lower court was reversed and remanded, we filed
criminal charges against the attorney who forged my name and he killed
himself the next day.

Shoddy reporting by Portland Indy Media in not letting you know that I won
the issue and proved the forgery.

Under Arkansas law, chancellors have only three choices regarding marital
property - the man buys out the wife interest in home, she buys him out, or
the home is sold, equity split. I was ordered to sign a quitclaim deed and
refused, my right WITHIN THE LAW. They forged my name, we proved that too.

Where else is Karl Schwarz, you ask? Well you might...
ns/1996a/961028/96-458.wpd+&hl=en> &hl=en

Response: We recovered our money lost due to the forgeries from another
source. These parties were held not liable.


Response: This was a RICO trial that was not allowed to go to trial. Only
cost me $89.45 million, some place this "researcher" will never be in his or
her life.

Well, what of Karl's multi-billion dollar "telecom" company?

Well, sure... all multi-billion dollar companies use free tripod webpages
and an AT&T account e-mail address, don't they? It's the growing trend in
worldwide companies.

The phone number and residental listing has not changed. It was the same
back on the Yahoo! GX board where his "assistant" with the ID "barecreek"
explained that it was his "Mom's number". (go figure) Don't take my word...
call him up there. Just be careful.... if you leave your hat on the table,
will sell it to you.

Response: changed long ago, seems this person cannot follow chronology at
all. Anne Melo, senior executive assistant to me for 6 years, now lives in
Canada. Cannot call me at that number, but then "FACTS" are not this
persons point or forte. My AC is 770, not 501

What you can't find is a physical address for any of his "multi-billion
corporations". It has since disappeared from the web but the only address
back then "GlobalAxxess Holdings, Inc. Attn: Mr. W. Gregg Almand, General
Counsel 11101 Anderson Drive, Suite 203 Little Rock, AR 7221.2"

Response: The IP servers were in Little Rock. The company was based
offshore so looking in AR was a waste of time.

There were dual Juniper M-160s and dual Juniper M-20 routers. You
Inspector Gadgets can figure out on your own how much capacity such units
have and can handle.

This person obviously has a myopia regarding Arkansas, and that is not where
the company was based. Where I live and where I have business interests are
not necessarily the same. Only a fool would draw such conclusions. For
example, I live in GA, business is SC based, plant is in VA and more coming
in South America, Europe and Canada later this year. Only an amateur like
this purported "9-11 investigator" was make such ludicrous connections that
do not exist and assumptions that show his intent to twist the truth.

Maybe Gerard can figure out where our offices were outside of Sydney.

Maybe this Portland Indy Media person can figure out where in Singapore, LA,
NYC and London, or in Budapest, the other network hubs were located. If my
competitors could not, doubt this Indy Media person or Nico Haupt can figure
it out.

If they can figure that out, prêtty good at research. If not, they need to
go back to whatever it was they were doing before 9-11 for they will never
prove or be constructive in the 9-11 prosecution matters.

Gregg seems to have moved but back then you could find him thus:

Response: Gregg Almand has not worked with us since early 2001. Dated
information and nothing to do with 9-11 or me.

There was plenty more at the time but it all comes to the same thing. Kark W
B Schwarz is nothing but a lying Arkansas con man. I will admit that I've
never quite cottoned to his exact game but I know a liar when I see one.

Response: Sure sounds like slander to me. Will have my attorneys address
this one. I underwent a full FBI investigation in 1999-2000 due to Clinton
and the FBI did not find what this person alleges. This alleged "9-11
researcher" that could not solve a Girl Scout cookie scam, much less 9-11 or
anything regarding me.

Nothing I do is questionable unless people try to spin half baked ideas like
this debate has been.

Be careful out there.... particularly when they are saying what you want to

Response: Yes, be careful of sham investigators that cannot follow any
trail or use critical thinking. Just another coward behind a keyboard that
did not even identify him or her self.

PS: Crap! I almost forgot. Where is T. B. Patterson, the hotshot corporate
lawyer? He's at

310 W. St. Louis Hot Springs, AR 71913

Right between the dentist:

(501) 624-3323. Beebe John C DDS. 308 W Saint Louis
St. Hot Springs, AR

and the doctor:

Thomas Wallace A MD 312 W Saint Louis St Hot Springs

(that was so a year and a half ago, at least.... you can check the current
ones next to the big time corporate lawyer in a dinkshit one man practice)

Response: Do something productive. Wrong again. T. B. Patterson's office
is in South Carolina, does not live in Hot Springs, AR. If this person
cannot figure out simple things, what are they doing in the 9-11

4) The -Chiaro connection

From researcher Brad M. (

11-15-01 (Karl Schwarz') announces that Chiaro Networks
photonics core router technology will be tested in GlobalAxxess hubs
starting in mid 2002. This technology is scalable to 1.5 petabits per
second and switching speeds of 5 nanoseconds.

So Karls whole big business depends on these guys...

Response: Wrong again, but then what's new with this investigator that
looks at everything backwards. Maybe that is the purpose of his/her post.

I am getting a very clear picture why you folks and your "research team" are
getting nothing accomplished on 9-11.

Meet Chiaro...
networking, supercomputing, telecommunications and
Address: 5 Nahum Hefzadi St.
ISRAEL, 95484
Telephone: 02-6595539

Response: This person conveniently leaves off the controlling US investors
in Chiaro and attempts to characterize it as an Israel controlled company,
which it is not.

From researcher ewing2001 ( :

Founder of Chiaro was Dr. Eyal Shekel, in 1997.
A former captain in the Israeli Air Force

Chiaro is a portfolio company of Pitango.
Their contact info 5 Nahum Hefzadi St.,
269 West Renner Parkway
Richardson, Texas 75080 USA

Response: Pitango (formerly Polaris) was and is a minority stake holder of
Chiaro. The Chiaro company is controlled by US investors, albeit Jewish for
the most part but more so TEXAS.

Rami Kalish of Chiaro once founded Polaris in 1993, the year of WTC attack
No.1 Polaris was later renamed into Pitango.

Response: Chiaro, Pitango, 1993 founding and 9-11 have nothing at all to do
with each other. Most of the Chiaro executives worked for Alcatel in the

Maybe this person needs to discern the difference between Zionist and Jew,
and the difference between 1993, 2001 and right now, 2005.

Polaris however was the result of a Israeli Government Initiative:
Dr. Shlomo Kalish & Micah Avni,
Jerusalem Global Ventures

"...The industry, however, was formed in the early 90s and boosted by a
government initiative called Yozma, which subsidized foreign LPs to invest
in Israeli

funds. Several funds were formed, including Polaris (now renamed Pitango),
Gemini, Nitzanim (now called Concord), Star Ventures, Oxton (now called
JVP), and others...

Managing Partner of Pitango was Nechemia Peres, "who is also the chairman of
the Israeli Venture Capital Association, and son to former prime minister,
Shimon Peres..."

Response: This "investigator" finally got something right. We stayed arm's
length from any involvement with Israel because of their spying on the US
and using core router and telecom switch software to do it. We have never
had anything to do with the Israel parties in any manner.

BGPs and ASICs of Chiaro were certified by our people to have no back doors
for Israeli intelligence gathering by our code writers and core router
specialist. If you folks do not know what BPG and ASIC are, educate
yourselves for I do not have time to do that.

Have never met him, never talked to Peres, do not know him.

Another Director of Chiaro in Richardson, Texas is Jon Bayless.
(funding of company was started in March 1997)

Bayless was previously with Arthur A. Collins, Inc.,
Defense Communications Agency, E-Systems and Motorola.

Response: Bayless was not involved in anything we did with Chiaro. Again,
nothing to do with 9-11 whatsoever.

The founder of Arthur A. Collins was a high tech radio- and avionics

He received the Secretary of the Navy's Distinguished Public Service Award
Citation in 1962, the Iowa Broadcasters Association Distinguished Service
Award in 1966, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1968,
received the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's David
Sarnoff Award in 1979, and the Electronics Industries Association's Medal of
Honor in 1980.

Response: Totally irrelevant and no relationship with us, our company or

Since recently Chiaro has the following products:

The Enstara IP/MPLS platform and some router softwares like ChiarOS
Among their investors is still Pitango, Israel Seed Partners, Siemens and

Response: and Sevin Rosen, the controlling partners. Amazing what this
person keeps leaving out and trying to spin a bogus tapestry. If this
person is going to do homework, they need to learn to complete the
assignment. Israelis do not control Chiaro. The Israeli physicist invented
one component of the Chiaro core routers, Dr. Eyal Shekel. The rest of it
was invented in the US.

We are currently making such technology even better through nanotechnology
and photonics.

By the way, military service in Israel is mandatory so do not make too much
of anyone's past in Israel being military related. Somewhat naïve to make
assumptions that have no basis in fact or stretch things into something they
are not.

On January 3, 2005 it was confirmed, that Israel Seed Partners start-up
MobileAccess will install an US House of Representatives communications

Response: Israel Seed Partners held less then 10% of Chiaro. The larger VC
firms were US based including Sevin Rosen, the firm that bailed out Compaq
years ago. Minority partners were not controlling Chiaro in any manner, nor
were Israeli interests. We had the same concerns before deciding to do
business with them.

...connections to -US Defense Communications Agency

Response: None whatsoever ...then or now.

Israeli Air Force

Response: None whatsoever ...then or now.

-Israeli Venture Capital

Response: None whatsoever ...then or now.

Nechemia Peres, son to former prime minister, Shimon Peres

Response: None whatsoever ...then or now.

If you are this far off base on "facts" regarding me, how far off are you on

I am German descent, very anti-Zionist. Not popular in Israel at all...

Schwarz was formerly married to someone named "Lois Love".
come to your own conclusions Smile

...Her name is Lois Jean Love, her maiden name; not a bogus name in any manner.
...We were married for 11 and a half years.

She is the mother of my only child, Ryan Matthew Schwarz, Cpl, Arkansas National
Guard 39th Infantry Brigade, attached to 1st Cavalry Division, Baghdad, just
returned 8 weeks ago from Iraq.

Want to be concerned about something relevant? The attack plan for Iran was
being done in Baghdad, ready to implement any time.

... I have no
subversive or odd connections whatsoever other than what you folks are
dreaming up out of nothingness. A relationship with a company or technology
does not translate into a relationship with the investors who created the
technology or the company. If you think it does, you need a reality check
or just showing off your naivety ..

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