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bachelorettes, the movie

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1bachelorettes, the movie Empty bachelorettes, the movie 8/14/2012, 7:20 am



I have Xfinity and can rent movies at home before they are shown at the movie theaters.

I reneted bachelorettes sunday. It IS FUNNY!!!

but beware, it has a bunch of very pretty girls that cuss like sailors.

so if your a prude, stay away from this movie as you may feel it is low class.

but if you appreciate good humor, beautiful women and a sexy funny time. This movie is a must to see.

This is a chick flick, but the gentlemen will enjoy it too as it has some nice scenery, if you know what I mean Wink

but if your too old, wore out, no into todays world. you wont get it.

the trailer^^^ it comes to the theaters sept 6

I will be inlove with Lizzy Caplan for a while now after this movie.. HOT!

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