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Slideshow: The Most Affordable Electric Vehicles in 2013

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This very interesting article has a YouTube demonstration video for each car model, along with stats.

These cars range from $19K to about $32K in price. Some models can drive for 25 miles for as little as $0.82, while others can go 25 miles for about $1.80.

I watched part of the video for the 2014 Chevrolet Spark, and was impressed. It has a moving map display and offers all sorts of other features on its LCD screen. You can flash updates to the car through using an app from your smartphone. It seats 4 and retails for just under $27K. The lady in the video says the battery will last 10 years.

Do not tell me that these new techno-savy electric cars and hybrids won't one day completely replace today's vehicles with internal combustion engines. They are already cost-competitive and can be driven cheaper than cars with old-style internal combustion engines. The rising price of gasoline and diesel will assure their place in society.  

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This is what I will miss and information being brought to our attention.

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He was a very intelligent man.

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