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Treasury Department Hands Over Hunter Biden Info After Withholding Trump’s Tax Records

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The impeachment trial is over, but Senate Republicans are pressing forward with an investigation into the Bidens.

WASHINGTON ― "The Treasury Department has given congressional Republicans sensitive financial information related to Hunter Biden after having refused to give Democrats President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Yahoo News first reported Thursday that the Treasury Department handed over highly confidential information in response to a November request from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) for suspicious activity reports filed with the department by financial institutions.

Last year, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin blocked a Democratic request for the president’s tax filings, saying Democrats had no legitimate legislative purpose for seeking the documents.

“The legal implications of this request could affect protections for all Americans against politically-motivated disclosures of personal tax information, regardless of which party is in power,” Mnuchin said in an April 2019 letter.

Apparently, that same standard did not apply when it came to non-tax financial information that may pertain to the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, a Trump political rival.

“The administration told House Democrats to go pound sand when their oversight authority was mandatory while voluntarily cooperating with the Senate Republicans’ sideshow at lightning speed,” Ashley Schapitl, a spokeswoman for Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the highest-ranking Democrat on the Finance Committee, said in a statement.

Senate Republicans are investigating Hunter Biden as part of an inquiry designed to bolster Trump’s unfounded claim that Joe Biden used the vice presidency to benefit his son, who served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was involved in setting U.S. foreign policy in Eastern Europe.

For [Treasury] to go willy-nilly handing out financial information of private citizens … is simply outrageous.

Steve Rosenthal, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center




And yet Trump's tax records remain secret.

This is how it's gonna go... Trump's gotten the senate's message that he'll never be held accountable for anything, so he's free to pull the ol' dictator trick of imprisoning his political enemies. "Political prisoners," coming soon to the Country Formerly Known As America. And, taxpayers will pay for it.

I'm fairly sure they'll find nothin', because there's nothing illegal about a guy taking a job he's offered... but, finding something's not really their point. They like to have people "under investigation." Like that shit Comey popped on Hillary as an October surprise... "we've had several extensive investigations into this already and turned up nothing every time, but now we might have another one!" It's the way the GOP works nowdays. I don't think of 'em as a political party at this point... it's basically just organized crime at the top, with a cult for a voting base.



"He's trying to make us safe." Jackson, Mississippi. Figures. Twisted Evil

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