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1 Iowa Empty Iowa on 2/4/2020, 1:28 am



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Is  App, Nyet Me.

  Iowa Vlad_s10

3 Iowa Empty Re: Iowa on 2/4/2020, 11:33 am


Who saw this coming?! What a crazy night/morning. This is another reason I can point to as to why I don't give money to the DNC since their 2016 debacle. I give to individual candidates.

Unfortunately, the GOP/Putin will use this to sow seeds of doubt in all election results, unless 45 comes out ahead, of course.

Hoping this will be like the health care on-line roll out when the site crashed because so many wanted in. They got that ironed out and as far as I know the ACA has been quite popular. I also feel sorry for all the volunteers who went out in freezing weather to knock doors!

Word of the day: SNAFU!  

On to New Hampshire!

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Iron Mike approves of this SNAFU.

 Iowa Mike_b12

5 Iowa Empty Re: Iowa on 2/4/2020, 1:06 pm


The caucus system is a mis-representative joke. I know Bernie likes it 'cuz he does best when the actual people aren't actually voting, (caucuses are the only reason he stayed in the race at all in 2016), but it's a ridiculous sham that should be done away with... and never should have existed in the first place. While we're doing election reform, that's the first place to start. It's fan-club bullshit that's open to endless hijinks and it's no way to be picking a nominee.

And while we're at it, superdelegates need to go, too. And the electoral college.

6 Iowa Empty Re: Iowa on 2/4/2020, 7:57 pm


Mayor Pete is fine with me. He makes more sense than most. I was glad to see Biden not doing very well (62%) of votes being reported at this point. He's a very nice person, ethical and experienced but he hasn't had his outlook/mind "updated" with the latest version of, of what (?) American thinking? It is small things like saying he'd beat Trump "like a drum" in the election. Maybe he would but isn't there a less dated way of getting that point across?

Pete impresses me as someone who can bring the country together. He's calm and reasonable and not rattled by stupid things that people say. I saw a huge Mike 2020 Bloomberg sign out front of a black business on the west bank in NOLA. I know I'm rambling, but how about Mike and Pete on a ticket? This is a change election, so can dems change without going full socialist? ?

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