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Trump: Bahamian Refugees - Drug Dealers/Bad People

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President Trump said the U.S. needs to be careful about allowing Bahamians into the country following Hurricane Dorian. “I don’t want to allow people that weren’t supposed to be [in the Bahamas],” he said, adding that among the refugees could be “very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very very bad drug dealers.”


Just more evidence to add to the steaming pile.


Republicans are the most chickenshit bunch of cowards that humans are capable of producing. Everybody's always "bad" and out to get them. They're scared to take the slightest chance on anything... and yet they love nothing better than preaching about helping the poor, etc. Whenever a real need for that arises, though, they hide under the bed and go, "No, too risky, what if one of those people is bad?"

I'm fed up with 'em. "Home of the brave" my ass.


Trump:  Bahamian Refugees - Drug Dealers/Bad People Indecline-naked-trump-statues-01



None of these stories by itself has the singular drama of a Teapot Dome or a Watergate. Indeed, the mere fact that there is so much corruption prevents any single episode from capturing the imagination of the media and the public. But it is the totality of dynamic that matters. A corrupt miasma has slowly enveloped Washington. For generations, both parties generally upheld an assumption that the government would abide rules and norms dividing its proper functioning from the president’s personal and political interests.

The norm of bureaucratic professionalism and fairness is a pillar of the political legitimacy and economic strength of the American system, the thing that separates countries like the U.S. from countries like Russia. The decay of that culture is difficult to quantify, but the signs are everywhere. Trump’s stench is slowly seeping into every corner of government.

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