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Conservatives in the United Kingdom say they cannot support acts of political vandalism

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It certainly is refreshing to see politicians SOMEWHERE standing up for the sane administration of their form of government!

Every day here in the U.S. we see revelations of more and more abuses of power and autocratic actions. Arguing with the weather service to the point of absurdity, bypass the roll of congress and spending money budgeted for the military on the border wall, illegally scheduling stopovers at a private air port near his resort in Scotland...the list goes on. Now I see where, Barr wants to end a judge's power to impose a nationwide injunction on Trump's illegal policies and is also trying to say the executive branch gets to decide whether to enforce a Congressional subpoena.

At this rate, it makes me wonder how much of the government is going to be left by the time he leaves office, whenever that may be.

(CNN)Amber Rudd, the United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, resigned Saturday in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying she could not support his handling of Brexit or his treatment of Conservative Party members that amounted to an 'act of political vandalism."

Rudd wrote that she was resigning from Cabinet and surrendering the Conservative Whip because she could not support his decision to ban 21 members from the Conservative Party for voting to stop his no-deal Brexit plan.
Johnson, also a Conservative, removed the 21 MPs from the party, which means they will not be allowed to run for election.

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