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Don't Worry ... It'll Only Be A Little Recession

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Acknowledging this behind closed doors to handful of millionaire donors who wouldn't be affected anyway, while simultaneously holding a rally before a hall full of steelworkers and telling them the economy is great ....

.... well, that should prolly raise a few eyebrows.

But, it won't.  Because Trump supporters are idiots.


I hope it's as little as possible, but I'm afraid it'll be just the tip of a big iceberg. Trump has ruined much of our global trade, and sent our steadiest trade partners looking for alternative sources for what they need. And they're finding them. Trump killed off our opportunities while creating new ones for our competitors, and that's just bad business. It's going to be difficult to get that back, because habits are habits, and once you show other countries that they don't really need America, they're not going to come back, at least not to the degree they did before. They have other partnerships to maintain now. And that is entirely Trump's doing. He pulled out of a lot of good deals Obama had made just for spite.

We'll probably get a recession... but the real poison seeds that'll hurt us are just being planted now. And they probably won't even come to fruition until Trump's out of office, so his cult will shift the blame, the same way they try to take credit for their predecessor's work.

Meanwhile, Trump's got us in a new arms' race, and that's what shut down the USSR. Putin has manipulated this vain fool right where he wanted him... and the helpful idiots in Trump's party don't understand these things so they cheerlead it. Just rah-rah-rah and denial.



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