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Look out, Kentucky (and Mitch!) Here comes Tim Ryan's caravan!

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"Tomorrow, I am leading a caravan in my official capacity as a congressman, working with Moms Demand Action, to start in Youngstown and go to Akron, and Columbus, and Dayton, and Cincinnati and pick people up along the way, and we're going to Louisville, Kentucky," Ryan told CNN's Jim Sciutto on "Newsroom" Wednesday morning.

"Get your culiones, OK, grab 'em, and do something, because the American people are fed up with you stonewalling everything," Ryan said. "People are dying on the streets just a couple hours from your house, and you're sitting there doing nothing."

"Get off your ass, and get something done. We're fed up," he said later, adding that "Ohioans aren't forgetting -- we're going to see Mitch McConnell tomorrow, and we're inviting every surrounding state to get a caravan and meet us in Louisville, Kentucky."


Speaking of Ohio, the message on my favorite sign as carried by at least one protester in Dayton today:

President CHEETO

We’re not TOLEDO

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