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Trump trying to move some agencies out of DC

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There are a couple of reports about this administration moving or trying to move hundreds of federal employees from the Bureau of Land Management and also from the Agricultural Agency to new locations west of the Rockies. This is disruptive to the employees and many are declining to move and will just have to find new jobs if there is no recourse to halt this idea. I also heard it was partly because some of these "deep state" AKA career employees, were turning in reports that shed a negative light on his trade policies and climate change.

Washington (CNN)The Bureau of Land Management, which controls 245 million acres of federal lands, may be moving its headquarters from Washington, DC, to Grand Junction, Colorado, one of the state's US senators said Monday.

Sen. Cory Gardner said the move "will bring the bureau's decision makers closer to the people they serve and the public lands they manage."
A spokeswoman who answered the phone at the Bureau of Land Management's press office said Grand Junction was the bureau's selection. But moving required a congressional review and the completion of "paperwork," she told CNN. The spokeswoman declined twice to provide her name.
"That's the area they picked, but as far as saying and doing, I'm not sure," she said.

Washington (CNN)An overwhelming number of US Department of Agriculture employees who have been reassigned from Washington, DC, to the greater Kansas City area may instead leave the department, according to surveys conducted by the union representing them.

Such losses among the more than 540 USDA research employees affected by the reassignment could result in a drain of institutional knowledge and talent at two agencies that either fund agricultural research across the nation or produce crucial reports, including data on agricultural markets, as well as 10-year projections for the farm sector and estimates of US and international agricultural productivity.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and the department have argued that the move will lower living costs, save taxpayer dollars and move the agencies closer to "stakeholders." But many employees at the two affected agencies, the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture, view the change as politically driven and a way to disrupt climate research and other work with which their bosses disagree by pushing out experienced personnel.



Another good article on the subject:

My response to the claim that it'll be less expensive to have these people out west because of the lower cost of living there, is to suggest they move the entire federal government out of D.C. as well.

It's complete and total political B.S.  -- and, as this article points out, after 2-1/2 years in office, Trump has yet to even nominate a permanent director of the Bureau of Land Management.

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