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Here are seven reasons Trump should be impeached

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RealLindaL wrote:
zsomething wrote:
There's nothing about that that's by any means "collusion."   That's just politics.  If you understood that, you might not look like such a pantload.

This reminds me of the ludicrously false equivalency of Trump-lovers' insistence on scraping up one or two "lies" they think Obama told -- such as the supposed one about our being able to keep our health plans and doctors; Obama could perhaps be faulted for not foreseeing the eventual ACA plan's outcome, but purposely lying? Highly unlikely from such a moral man, the exact opposite of Trump's sordid amorality in every single aspect of his life.  

No, trying to compare one or two supposed falsehoods or mis-statements from Obama over eight years' time to Trump's CONSTANT lies, which pour forth like poisoned honey virtually every time he opens his mouth...well, again, it's just ludicrous.  As others have said, Trump lies more often than you wash your hands -- and that's even if you're O-C.  

The one single supposed example of Obama's "collusion" (which isn't) that Pkr keeps coming up with is also ludicrously non-equivalent, especially in the face of the Mueller report's multi-incident evidence.

And as for what Trump may've been caught saying when the microphone wasn't really off during his talks with the brutal dictators he loves to visit...oh, wait!  There WERE no microphones, nor people, to capture a word he said, other than the translators he has effectively silenced.

Wait, maybe Pkr will allow Balud to defend Trump this time. The same way Balud defended Trump for not lowering the flags when Sen. John McCain faded away last year.

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