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1Craigslist Empty Craigslist on 12/15/2018, 9:30 am


It really makes me angry when people put completely false items for sale to get you into their business and then try to sell you something else. We have about ten wheelchairs in the Chicago are to check out and that is like two hundred miles of driving if we visit all the chairs.

The other problem is I always meet in a public place. In Pensacola, I would meet people at the Joe Patti parking lot. When you are buying something and carrying a thousand cash, it is stupid to go somewhere as directed by a seller.

The biggest problem is that after traveling time and driving, you find out it is broken, or it is not even the item in the photo. So why would you sell a wheelchair where you have let the batteries drain on the wheelchair and expect a buyer to buy it without testing the scooter. Rather than spend a hundred dollars to get it to move, they shift the entire risk to buyers.....oh it worked perfectly when gramps kicked the bucket five years ago. How about this simple idea.......put new batteries in something you are going to sell as the scumbags are always looking to scam. We have bought and sold on Craigslist, but it is a minefield of potential problems.

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I know it's probably too late to tell you this, but the Goodwill Easter Seal store on Olive road gives away wheelchairs and walkers to people who need them. No cost at all. They keep them in the back and you have to ask. My husband and I were looking for a used walker since he's having knee surgery next week, and when we didn't see any on the floor we asked the saleslady. She said they kept them in the back and they were free. We were very surprised.
Sorry you've had trouble with Craigs list. We've gotten some good bargains from shopping through them.

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They rarely have motorized wheelchairs and when they they're not in good shape.

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