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wife appears to have won a thousand dollar gift card from auto dealer

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We are suspicious as she matched some numbers from the Ad flyer, and she won a gift card to Walmart from the auto dealer. We do not know much about the dealership as it is in a town about 12 miles away and we have NEVER shopped that dealer. She is taking the granddaughters later this morning to determine if it is BS or the real deal.


She will probably get there and they will let her put her number into a drawing for the 1000 gift from Walmart. She will then have to be present for the drawing to see if her number is drawn.
We've been to a couple of these things and they never tell you what you've won until you actually meet with one of their salesmen. Then you find out it's just a "chance to win," or maybe a $5 gift card.
God luck to her though. I guess someone must win  these things sometimes.


It is a scam. small print on the back cover their asz. She will not even bother to go over.

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