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O'Brien's Bistro is better than ever

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1O'Brien's Bistro is better than ever Empty O'Brien's Bistro is better than ever on 11/12/2018, 2:11 am

When O'Brien's founder and chef Jim O'Brien died of cancer (too young!) in 2016, I worried that this gem of a continental fare restaurant on Bayou Blvd. might not survive.  Seems I needn't have been concerned.
It's been under new ownership for about a year now, and last night we saw their new menu for the first time. The menu's been out since July, so I guess it must've been that long since we'd been to O'Brien's.  I'm not sure why we don't think of this special, unassuming little place more often, but I sure hope we will now!   The new menu looks fabulous, even though some will doubtless miss a few of the old O'Brien's standbys.   There were also two very tempting entree specials offered last night.  

Don't have time right now to go into what we ordered, but suffice it to say everything was simply superb -- up to Jim's former standards and then some. The new owner, Dave Greenfield, was there and came over to our table to check on our satisfaction.  We raved about the food and the new menu and he was humbly grateful.  He was also obviously very modest as he never mentioned a word about his extensive prior restaurant experience, which I just learned of on their website's "About" page (they need a good editor but try to ignore the errors):

And here's the new menu:

Reservations are recommended, though not required.  Phone 477-9120.  
GO. You won't be disappointed. Worth every penny!

I hope Pensacola will continue to support this outstanding and very special restaurant.   We certainly plan to go a lot more often ourselves.

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I haven’t been in years!

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Joani, why not?? I hope you'll try O'Brien's again. Pricing is very close to Aegean and the food AND service, IMHO, are superior.

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RealLindaL wrote:Joani, why not??   I hope you'll try O'Brien's again.  Pricing is very close to Aegean and the food AND service, IMHO, are superior.

With the Celiac I stay with restaurants I know.

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Understood. Just know that, should you want a change sometime, these people are VERY accommodating, and the kitchen works very closely with management.

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Sounds good. We usually stay in the Breeze or on the beach for dinner!

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In season or other busy beach weekends we eat off beach when we go out, and there just aren't that many choices (that we like, anyway) in the Breeze. So we do cross the bridge fairly frequently.

Question re Lillo's new location in the hotel if you know: Is there still live music in that place Saturday nights? That was always annoying to us in the past; the restaurant is just too small and the music too loud. Wonder how they're doing...not that I care much. Just never got into Lillo's for some reason.

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