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White House pulls CNN reporter Jim Acosta's pass after contentious news conference

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I want this SOB GONE!!!

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Floridatexan wrote:

I want this SOB GONE!!!

Assuming you mean Trump and not Acosta, I agree! Smile

Acosta, though, should get a raise. He did a great job. I hope the rest of the press corps stands up for him and gives Sarah Huckabee hell.

Trump snapped at several other reporters, too. He absolutely cannot handle anything but praise. I think tough questions or criticism take him back to being a kid with his daddy, and he just shuts down. I've never seen a more pathetically needy human being in my life.

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Acosta keeps asking the same loaded questions (if you can call them questions) seemingly trying to get something other than a complete denial. He's trying to drive the tds narratives that feed their confirmation biases.

I'm sure y'all love that... facts, objectivity and journalistic integrity be damned.

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