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Economic reality...

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1 Economic reality... on 11/4/2018, 4:13 pm

Four charts show why Trump's claims about the US economy just don't add up

To hear President Donald Trump tell it, the U.S. economy is experiencing an economic boom unlike any period in its history under his leadership.

A closer look at the numbers, though, show that claim is questionable.

Go to the link and scroll down to check out the four charts. Even CNBC, a usually conservative business site, has turned against this asshole.

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2 Re: Economic reality... on 11/5/2018, 12:47 pm

The only thing Trump's really done regarding the economy is marketed it to people who were eager to think the worst of it when Obama was presiding over it, and to think the best of it when Trump got ahold of it.

And that's really all it is -- marketing.

Every "lowest black unemployment" or "highest stock market" or whatever are just threshholds that Obama's economic trends were already about to reach, anyway. If you look at the trends -- which is really the only way to look at an economy, since milestones are just distractions -- they started a long time before Trump, and even though they're still going along fine, for the most part they're actually moving slower since Trump took over. Very few things are happening due to anything Trump actually did -- he's just an expert at taking credit for someone else's work.

It's like I've said before, it's like Obama laid out the bananas and the ice cream and the chopped nuts and the pineapple and the chocolate syrup and the whipped cream... and then Trump comes along, puts a cherry on top, and Republicans yell, "Yay, Trump made a sundae!"

I still get into arguments with Republicans who swear that the market went down under Obama. I'm like, "I've got investments, motherfucker, I know damn well they went up!" I pull out old reports from Valic, etc. and they're still like, "Nope! Hannity told me different and I believe him 'cuz I want to!" Just idiots.

Trump's like an old university president we had for a while in Mississippi. "Doc" Foglesong. This guy was another narcissistic headcase like Trump. He made an ass of himself, did absolutely nothing that was worth a damn, and when he got called on it he touted "Oh yeah? What about all those raises people got? What about the budget for this-and-such? I don't hear anybody complaining about those!" And they were all things that had been put in the works before he took office and that he had zero to do with. He was a disaster. I never figured I'd see the whole country put under some lunatic like Foglesong, but, Republican stupidity knows no bounds.

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3 Re: Economic reality... on 11/5/2018, 1:14 pm

zsomething wrote:
I still get into arguments...

You? I'm Shocked! SHOCKED!

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4 Re: Economic reality... on 11/5/2018, 1:23 pm

Deus X wrote:
zsomething wrote:
I still get into arguments...

You? I'm Shocked! SHOCKED!

Hard to believe, ain't it? Smile Such stubborn people in this state!

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