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What should happen to lady who ran over children at school bus stop?

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I don't know. I'm tossing it out there to see if anyone wants to discuss it. The county has now admitted this was an unsafe spot for elementary school students. They should never have to cross a road with a 45 mph speed limit. I couldn't tell from the photos if there was a curve in the road ahead of the bus.
Since I've had experience with school buses before, I know how serious it is for people to run the stop arms. But this young woman has not only ruined the lives of a family who lost 3 children, she's also destroyed her own life in the process. She will never get over this.
From all reports this young woman loves children, she works with them and had kids in the truck with her when it happened. No one has said she was texting while driving or driving intoxicated or anything but someone who did not notice the stop arm quickly enough.
I was talking with my husband about this today at dinner, and we both agreed that sending her to prison would do no good at all. So, what should be done?


Well, I'm not going to be any help at all, because I just don't know. It would almost be easier if there had indeed been alcohol or drugs involved, or even distracted driving (do we know if she had a cell phone and where it was?).

But if truly just an accident, a mistake, a brief second or two of inattention.....that could happen to any of us, especially under the road circumstances you describe.

It's just an unspeakable tragedy all around, as you indicated. My heart breaks for all involved.





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