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Well, this is interesting:

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1 Well, this is interesting: on 10/31/2018, 3:34 pm

NAACP issues warning about Texas voting machines: Votes for Beto O’Rourke changed to Ted Cruz

The Texas NAACP has drawn attention to problems with voting machines throughout the state

he NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and Texas State Conference of the NAACP just wrote a powerful letter to the Texas Secretary of State, Rolando B. Pablos, insisting that he protect the voting rights of all Texans after reports of ominous irregularities from voting machines throughout the state.

"In the past week, we have received reports from individuals and voter advocacy groups that some Texas voters attempting to cast a straight-ticket ballot for the Democratic Party on Hart eSlate machines have seen their selection for U.S. Senator switch at the last moment to the candidate for the Republican Party," the NAACP and LDF wrote in their letter. "We have not received reports that this is happening to Texas voters attempting to cast a straight-ticket ballot for the Republican Party on these machines. But our request that your office do more on this issue is non-partisan and will protect all voters."

No wonder Seaoat is so certain Cruz will win, he's probably in on it.

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2 Re: Well, this is interesting: on 10/31/2018, 4:13 pm

OMG, that's HORRENDOUS. Will anyone DO anything about it in short order, I wonder?? If not, chaos.

Mainstream media should pick up on this....

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3 Re: Well, this is interesting: on 10/31/2018, 4:26 pm

Despite complaints from both sides about voting irregularities and accusations of election tampering, the Houston Chronicle quoted Sam Taylor, communications director for the Secretary of State, as saying that only about 15 to 20 people had complained to the state so far, and most of them reported that their ballots for the U.S. Senate race had been left blank rather than party-switched. Some of the Democratic voters who reported problems with their ballots being marked for Ted Cruz in the Senate race also noted they were able to obtain assistance in changing their votes back to what they intended.

Rather than being the result of a plot by one side or the other to subvert the U.S. Senate election, these voting anomalies are a known problem that surfaced during the 2016 election with the Hart eSlate voting machines used in about a third of Texas’ counties:

The problem occurs on the Hart eSlate voting machine when voters turn a selection dial and hit the “enter” button simultaneously, according to the state. Eighty-two of the 254 counties in Texas have these machines, although complaints have only come from Fort Bend, Harris, McLennan, Montgomery, Tarrant and Travis counties, according to Taylor.

“It does pop up from time to time,” said Taylor. Voters should “double and triple check and slow down” before casting their ballots, he said.

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4 Re: Well, this is interesting: on 10/31/2018, 4:47 pm

Yep, I've been hearing about this for about a week or so, and have even seen some pictures of it happening. Apparently it's happening most often if one picks a straight Dem ticket.

Aggressive gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement (reportedly around 10% of voters in Georgia, last I heard) isn't enough, they've actually got to switch votes around.

And on top of that, Trump has been making noises about Russian tampering. You know he doesn't care if Russians tamper in favor of Republicans, so he's planning to blame Republican losses on Russians throwing things to the Dems... which is ridiculous, but his base is ridiculous and desperate to feel like they're popular, so they'll buy it.

It's not safe to give Republicans power anymore. They aren't honest enough, overall, to be trusted with it.

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5 Re: Well, this is interesting: on 10/31/2018, 5:08 pm

zsomething wrote:   Apparently it's happening most often if one picks a straight Dem ticket.

Yeah, that's what I read and only on a certain type of machine.

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