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Nicki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

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1Nicki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador Empty Nicki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador on 10/9/2018, 10:41 am

I want two Republican women to challenge Trump. She is one of them, and of course my love of Susan Collins is a perfect duo.......a South Carolina governor and a Maine brain drain here.

Now why did she resign?

The spontaneous laughing at Trump was the truth of the world.........and just maybe, she is worn out defending the same.

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2seaoat wrote:Now why did she resign?

Or was she pushed out? Plenty of infighting in this administration.

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Supposedly she resigned because Trump's going to make Lindsey Graham his new Attorney General after the election, and Haley wants to run for his seat. But I don't know if I buy that. I think she wants to run for president some day (good fucking luck! Very Happy ) and is trying to get off this stinking sinking ship before it goes barnacle-side-up.

As for Susan Collins challenging Trump, the woman's an indecisive nervous wreck who's got so little confidence she's actually painful to listen to. She's got the demeanor of somebody who's trying to keep calm while a spider's crawling on them. Trump would annihilate her. She's not a leader, she's a timorous lapdog, she's not about to challenge Trump. If anybody tries to primary-challenge Trump it'd be somebody like Kascich, or possibly Colin Powell. The Republican party is such a cult now, though, I don't think anybody'd get far. There just aren't enough Republicans who aren't stoned on hate and conspiracy theories anymore. Anybody worth a damn has left that party by this point.

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That makes sense. Butchmeup was going to get a primary challenge, and the only question was how long was this embarrassment going to represent South Carolina. She needs to go to the senate. The idea that Lindsey as AG is revolting.

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Lindsay, the closet homo will be fighting against gay rights. Can it get any funnier?

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But he's so cute when he gets angry...

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Nicki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador Lindse10

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Nicki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador AlpDgux

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