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Rick Gates says he committed crimes with former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort

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How then, does it directly implicate Trump in anything?

Calk, the banker, loaned Manafort millions then Trump gave him a job as an economic advisor in his administration.

The loan is the quid and the job is quo. DUH!

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Who are these men?   I'm sure you all can guess the one on the right, but do you know who the one on the left is?   Hmmmm?

Kind of makes one wonder who has really been colluding with the Russians?  And who should really be in the dock answering some questions?

It's pretty clear Mueller is too totally and completely conflicted to be appointed to investigate so called "collusion" with the Russians?

It's also pretty clear to me there's a lot more than meets the eye with this whole Russia, collusion, Manafort, etc thing than the loony liberal mainstream media has been propagandizing to the American people.

And in other news:

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That pic is meaningless. Mueller did meet with the president of Ukraine after the demonstrations and violence in 2013. That is all.

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