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fan duel and the PGA tournament

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1 fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/4/2018, 9:01 pm

Well for the first time in 11 sporting events, I have a chance to win on Sunday. Early today my position would give me $12, but it is the final round which counts. I placed the wager of 8 bucks on Thursday. I need fleetwood to win, and Johnson and Bubba to move up the leader board. We will see.

The only reason I bet is I have a $150 of my original $200 in the account and if I did not play they would confiscate my balance. I will be glad when I am done with this and hopefully honest betting sites will give the average person a chance. These fantasy leagues are a gimmick which the average fan cannot win.

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Twenty thousand entries and I sit at 5,000 with 4,000 probably being a payout, but I will need a lot of luck.

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With Johnson moving up the leaderboard, I am now a twelve dollar winner.....I have to hope that fleetwood comes alive, and Bubba really let me down, but after losing 11 straight fan duel bets, it will be nice to have anything on the winning side.

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Winner 12 bucks. Now I want to see how hard it is to transfer it from them to me. There will be some rule which restricts a disbursement. You can take the money out when the moon is in full eclipse and Donald Trump tells the truth.......

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I made a five dollar bet on baseball Monday night and I finished in the bottom 1/3 with 20,000 entries. No winner on Monday. I am going to stick to golf until football season. I have my picks for this weekend and I need Fleetwood and Poulter to do well. I did not bet on tiger of Phil. There are so many good young and upcoming players. I also have Dustin Johnson, but so does everybody else. My sleeper out of the six choices will be Knox and Suri. I will find out Sunday night if my lineup will do as well as last week. I just want them to make the cut to give me a chance.

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6 Re: fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/12/2018, 7:51 pm

So proud of Tiger. Great putting. Wish he had hit a few more fairways!

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7 Re: fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/13/2018, 1:05 am

Joanimaroni wrote:So proud of Tiger. Great putting. Wish he had hit a few more fairways!

Ditto, but coming in second was DAMNED GOOD considering everything he's been through plus his age. And not a bad pot to take home, after all. I just hope he's happy.

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8 Re: fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/13/2018, 8:07 pm

4 back surgeries...incredible.

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9 Re: fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/13/2018, 9:17 pm

He sure did not help my picks. Too many favorites made it to the top players did not. I am excited for golf with tiger back. What an incredible feel good story. He is for the most part loved by the fans which has been reflected in the ratings since he has his game almost back.

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10 Re: fan duel and the PGA tournament on 8/14/2018, 1:53 am

Sorry your picks didn't win, Sea, but you're certainly right that Tiger puts the excitement back into watching golf. Just seeing the huge crowds following him around the course was amazing. I'm sure the powers that be realize he's worth every penny and then some of the $1 million+ pot he just took home from the PGA Championship -- poor baby for coming in second. Ha!

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