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1 Q on 8/3/2018, 12:34 pm

The Russia investigation is a sham. It’s actually a cover story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump working together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain sight — including Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under arrest. (Or perhaps already have been and are on their way to Guantanamo Bay.)

The GOP lost the Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat on purpose — a plan devised years ago to reveal the use of fraudulent voting machines and, ultimately, take down none other than George Soros. Or the Rothschilds. Or the Illuminati.

I am sorry.  What I am about to say is politically incorrect.  Trump supporters are angry at the status quo, and the status quo means that intelligent people are considered intelligent, and stupid people are considered stupid, but after watching an interview with a Q conspiracy couple, these folks are the stupidest people who talk over others and have INSANE ideas like the mystics who were associated with the early Nazi appears that every weirdo and intellectually challenged person is drawn to Trump.  Now granted I have wealthy friends who very sanely say I support Trump because he just saved me 15k in taxes and despite his stupidity, I will ride the 1% gravy train.  However, the dixiecrats and these Q folks are simply stupid.  The one woman reminded me of a friend who never went to college and only reads facebook for her sources who just spews incorrect and unhinged concepts which now that Trump has given legitimacy to stupid and lies.....these folks are now on top in a discussion because of this mystic connection where the person in grade school who could not read, could not do simple math, could not relate to science or the physical world around them are creating fictional paradigms which make sense to them in their idiocy.  What a sad time, but in every fascist movement the truth is always the first victim. Once again this fascist movement peddles that the Jew has a hidden conspiracy, and I am waiting for some big event like the burning of government buildings to be blamed on the conspiracy, and Trump declaring martial law. This is going to get worse when fascist are now openly recognized in the Republican/dixiecrat party.

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2 Re: Q on 8/3/2018, 1:26 pm

Trump supporters are angry at the status quo, and the status quo means that intelligent people are considered intelligent, and stupid people are considered stupid, but after watching an interview with a Q conspiracy couple, these folks are the stupidest people who talk over others and have INSANE ideas like the mystics who were associated with the early Nazi appears that every weirdo and intellectually challenged person is drawn to Trump.


Idiots are his base. He knows it. It's why he doesn't even try to make up good lies -- why waste effort? No magician's going to try to come up with elaborate tricks when his audience are always going to be toddlers.

The Q people crack me up, really. They're so desperate to avoid having to face the fact that they voted for a guy who's so needy for acceptance that he doesn't mind that the democratic process got compromised -- he's just happy that the Russians like him. He doesn't bother to contemplate why. Trump NEEDS people to like him, and, if they act like they do, he'll do anything for them. He'll hand over the nuke codes to Putin if Putin'll be his "fwiend."

I keep flashing on this, every time I see Trump with Putin or Kim or any other person he thinks is a "tough guy":

The Q people are so embarrassed by the performance of the choice that they made that they cling to desperate, elaborate conspiracy theories, rather than having to admit they're stupid and got duped. No matter how far off into the weeds they have to wander to avoid facing reality, they'll do it. Now they're even thinking JFK Jr. didn't actually die and is the secret leader of their "storm," etc.

I think the Q thing started with somebody laughing up their sleeve while trying to make clowns of conservatives on 4chan... and then the conservatives actually bought it and it got out of hand. And the hoaxter keeps pushing it to see how ridiculous it can get before they'll reject it... and he's finding out there's no breaking point, no limit, they've bought in and there's nothing they'll reject anymore. You can't get too silly for them.

It's like I keep saying: conservatives believe ANYTHING. They're raised that way. You can't even joke with them. Like this guy on Twitter:

It's a dude with, I don't even know what that is, a chunk of Spam wearing glasses for an avi, posting crazy jokes all day long, and he just says "i'm the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times" as part of a joke... and Trump supporters freakin' BELIEVE HIM.

This "Q" guy is probably some 17-year-old goober just winding people up, but they're so desperate to avoid Occam's Razor about Trump/Russia that they've pinned all their hopes on an unfeasibly-complicated conspiracy theory.

Future psychologists are going to have a field day trying to unbox all the manias that led to Trump supporter mass-hysteria. But at the core of it is going to be plain-and-simple stupidity, and a desperation to avoid a reality that they always think is "biased" against them.

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3 Re: Q on 8/3/2018, 2:55 pm

This "Q" guy is probably some 17-year-old goober just winding people up,

The new upside down world. Trained diplomats are excluded from diplomatic meetings, the EPA is now transferring wealth in the form of oil and gas leases, all the while these people stop the miles per gallon standards on new cars.....It really is stupid people having a tantrum.

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4 Re: Q on 8/4/2018, 9:55 pm

Trump Fans Are Suckers and QAnon Is Perfect for Them


Conspiracies are hard. They're even harder when you're stupid.

They are, however, deeply compelling. Some people need a single, grand unifying theory of why the world refuses to line up with their expectations. When difficult realities confront people without the intellectual horsepower to understand and accept the truth, some turn to conspiracy theories to paper over the holes in their worldview. No matter how absurd, baroque, and improbable, conspiracies grow on their own like mental kudzu where inconsistencies aren't signs of illogical conclusions, but of another, deeper layer of some hidden truth, some skein of powerful forces holding the world in its grip.

After Donald Trump's rally in Tampa this week, the notorious QAnon scam became America's conspiracy of the moment. And why not? In the face of Trump's daily meltdowns, mood swings, and unmedicated rage episodes in which he lashes out at every target in reach, his base is desperately looking for a version of reality that gives them some comfort and stability.
This Q conspiracy is filling the political bloodstream of the Trumpentariat and has been bubbling up inside the right for the last few months, and while Will Sommer and others have covered the story, there seemed to be a media shock moment after the Qbots showed up at Trump’s Tampa rally.

Conspiracies—this one in particular—give their devotees a sense of coherence that is lacking in everything Trump does. QAnon presents Trump as the character he plays on TV; bold, commanding, strategic, and opposed to the real Donald Trump, who displays the dignity, intelligence, and honesty of a strip-club tout with tertiary syphilis.

In Q's world, Donald Trump is courageously leading an effort to round up and punish—I'm not exaggerating—tens of thousands of child predators who occupy the highest reaches of government. Q and Don, side by side, doling out the secret knowledge to the new elite. Instead of getting a clearance, all you need to do is check out 4chan, Reddit, or YouTube.

Some even believe Q composes these messages for their eager consumption and interpretation at Trump's direction, the amanuensis to an orange Nostradamus whose quatrains appear on the same image boards that feature bronie porn, hentai spank-bank material, and tween Neo-Nazi shitposter incels, instead of penned on parchment.

They're desperate to believe "Q" is a senior official cleared at the highest levels (as one former NSA official jokingly called it, “TS/SCI NOSEBLEED”) who is busily leaking cryptic messages to them. Set aside that the Q clearance is a Department of Energy designation, and is for access to particular nuclear weapons matters, not the Bondian highest-reaches-of-government shenanigans to which Q claims access; this entire thing reeks of enough bullshit to fertilize Mars.

The claims of Q-Anon make Nostradamus look like Hemingway. Naturally, they're elliptical, variable, and impossible to cross-check. Hundreds of YouTube videos, blog posts tweets, Facebook items, and speculation follow each post, a Confederacy of Dunces that ramifies this idiocy out into dumber and dumber dead ends. QAnon asks its believers to "follow the breadcrumbs" and fill in the blanks. Those blanks get filled with epic idiocy.

The glee with which the followers of this absurdity latch on to imaginary deportations of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others to Gitmo is notable. Several times, Q has promised them that any moment now the rest of the Deep State will occupy the darkest holes of the American prison system. QAnon tells them that retribution is at hand, and they’re ravenous for more. Lurid and exciting for the rubes, but as of yet, Hillary Clinton walks free. If that even is Hillary Clinton, and not a shapeshifting reptilian overlord.

Those of us with the unfortunate awareness of the clownishly risible QAnon conspiracy cult have been reveling in the comedy gold, lavishly overwrought, dangerously stupid proclamations of Q for months. We've alternated between laughter and wide-eyed shock at how credulous Trump’s Army of Cletuses must be to fall for such an obvious, ludicrous con. Then again, Donald Trump put the “con” in “conspiracy” as far back as his embrace of birtherism. If the puzzle surrounding QAnon is a fever dream wrapped in an enigma, coated with nougat, rolled in nuts and filled with a creamy center of delusional paranoia, Trump's own role in fostering it is right out of the Lil Tots' First Book of Authoritarian Strategy.

For actual authoritarians and the merely dictator-curious, building a separate, hermetic truth defined only by the Dear Leader is 101 stuff, and goes hand in hand with the relentless attacks on the free press an enemy of the people.

Of course, it's just trolling. It’s just a prank by some chan-autists. It makes me shake my head to explain to people that the idea of a conspiracy this grand and elaborate has as much chance of working as Skeeter's plan to cook meth in the WalMart bathroom.

Why has Q eaten the Trump-right's minds? Why does it work on them when it's so obviously, evidently a gigantic pyramid of digital horseshit?

It works because stupid people are stupid and because Donald Trump's Administration loves what QAnon does to stoke the fires of paranoia, resentment, and division. QAnon works for Trump because people who are not knowledgeable about the world, politics, government, the intelligence community and reality more broadly are desperately looking for confirmation that they're on the winning team. Q tells them that they're on the right side of history and that for once in their dreary little lives they and only they possess the secret, hermetic knowledge from inside the esoteric cult.

Q represents where the former GOP has gone in the era of Trump; possessed the desire to have a private space that makes even Fox News look mild in comparison, grasping desperately for a different reality.

When even aggressive conspiracy-pusher faux-journalist loons and alt-lite thought leaders Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec find QAnon too crazy to promote, it should make you pause. Both men were aggressive promoters of the Pizzagate theory, in which a Washington D.C. restaurant was falsely alleged to be the center of a global child sex-trafficking, cannibalism and prostitution ring. Both were all-in on the cruel and false Seth Rich story, and a raft of other pro-Trump efforts to mainline fantasy conspiracies into the American body politics.

If it's too crazy for those edge cases, it's too crazy.

No, Trump fans, the storm isn't coming. There is no Great Awakening. "Where we go one we go all" is a path to disappointment and madness, not to some brave new future where Donald Trump's genius and his army of secret soldiers purge America of a vast, secret deep state of hostile insiders and pedophiles.

Q is a meta-hoax, a recursive scam in service of a scam called the Trump Presidency. The "drops" are meaningless claptrap, noise without real signal, and most certainly not the signs of the new reality its eager marks desire.

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5 Re: Q on 8/5/2018, 12:54 am


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6 Re: Q on 8/5/2018, 7:59 am

I don't think the Q people, as well as a significant fraction of Trump's most devout supporters, are stupid. They seem to be able to express themselves well enough and to grasp complexity, two measures of intelligence. My guess is that most of them would score around average on any IQ test.

I think they suffer from some variety of personality disorder.

Here's the first sentence in the Wikipedia article on Personality Disorders ( which corresponds pretty closely with the DSM-5 definition:

Personality disorders (PD) are a class of mental disorders characterized by enduring maladaptive patterns of behavior, cognition, and inner experience, exhibited across many contexts and deviating from those accepted by the individual's culture.

So, I don't think it's stupidity that ails these people, it's some kind of mental or emotional illness.

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7 Re: Q on 8/5/2018, 1:57 pm

Teabagger idiots with a new T-shirts.

AMERICAN: OMG, my country is full of ignorant, trashy people!
NEW YORK TIMES: That type of attitude is what got Trump elected.
AMERICAN: No, a country full of ignorant, trashy people got him elected, not me noticing that they’re ignorant, trashy people. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

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8 Re: Q on 8/5/2018, 5:38 pm

Annnnd they’re finally being completely honest: They’re not Americans anymore.

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