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Knothead...How are you?

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1 Knothead...How are you? on 8/3/2018, 12:06 pm

Checking up on you. Please give us an update on how you're doing.

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2 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/3/2018, 12:20 pm

The illusion when we were younger that we could retire and live a full active retirement always seemed to be a little short on reality because the truth is health issues dominate retired people's conversation and lifestyle. I sat around thinking about how lucky I have been that to date the doctors have left little seaoat alone, but every time I think of knot now.....I think of my good golf buddies where two have had bladder cancer relishing in telling us about the probes into little seaoat. I have been stuck, punctured, radiated, chemo, and had horrible things put into me, but through all of that I have been thankful that little seaoat still works and the doctors are leaving it alone.......for now. Second opinions are now a reality where I never thought of the same as a young healthy person....I just took the bad information from the doctors and accepted I hope Knot is fully recovered and is fully informed as to his options. Ignorance is not bliss......unless they propose to stick something in little seaoat, and then I will take a big dose of ignorance, and a general.

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3 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/3/2018, 2:00 pm

Totally agree with you about retirement.

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4 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 8:07 am

Appreciate the thread joani . . . . my personal day to day comfort meter has greatly improved . . . . bladder spasms almost nil, sleep about two hours between the urge to urinate but still getting adequate rest . . . have an appt with Vanderbilt urologist this month for 2nd opinion . . . . in my mind there is still essentially three options: Keep the bladder and treat it with instillation of BCG for six weeks will buy some time but with a 70% recurrence rate makes it a crap shoot of sorts: 2) Removal of my bladder which eliminates the diseased portion but comes with the life long exterior bladder issue, and 3) procedure to replace the diseased bladder with one fabricated from the small intestine (smooth muscle) but I have so many questions about this but will learn more following my appt. with the Vandy team.
We have a trip planned to PB in late September with close family members who think fondly of our many years there and all are looking forward to seeing old friends and sitting on the deck in late afternoon swatting the biting flies.
Thanks joani . . .

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5 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 9:16 am

I am so happy that you are going to a University Hospital for a second opinion. Although the bladder cancer does have a high return rate, at least one of my friends has controlled the same for almost ten years with pretty good quality of life. My brother's wife's mom chose the removal option and seems to be doing fine with the adjustment. Both have had high quality of life. However, you want to take all precautions and get as much information about what happens if it spreads, so you can give an informed consent on the direction of treatment.

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6 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 10:21 am

Wishing you well with the Vandy team. Thoughts and prayers remain with you.

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7 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 10:22 am

Best of luck. We're all pulling for you.

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8 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 1:09 pm

Thanks for updating us, knot (and thanks, Joani, for asking). Hope you can continue to share, maybe after the Vanderbilt session. Hoping for a clear path ahead and the best possible outcome for you!

Was especially tickled to hear you'll be back on the beach for a while in late September -- YAY!! -- and maybe you'll get lucky and the winds won't be directly out of the north so the dog flies won't bother you. Also hope for no tropical storms, of far, so good. May it hold!!

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9 Re: Knothead...How are you? on 8/4/2018, 4:45 pm

Thanks everyone , , , , and I mean THANKS!!! In a sense you are all extended family and while I am no longer a prolific poster I enjoy keeping up with everyone particularly Mr. Oats as he has taken us all along with him on his life journey but I appreciate you all.

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