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Cohen says Donald Trump Jr. told his father about Russian meeting in front of him

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2seaoat wrote:Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is on TV saying we can't trust Donald Trump's other lawyer because Donald Trump hires terrible liars to be his lawyers.

I would think that right now Donald Trump Junior better not have a Rudy level lawyer...........he is in trouble, and daddy will probably pardon him, but much of what he did was in NY State, and I guarantee you that the state charges will follow if a pardon follows.  So the beauty of the delay is that the trial will not get finished until after 2020 on the conspiracy indictments and double jep will not apply because there is no he is still at risk on state charges......does Trump really want to sacrifice his children, or will he cut a deal to resign with his son and him not facing any jail time......the trust violations in NY State however remain, and the Northern District of Illinois routinely puts mob guys in jail who say they are running charity poker games and they are really using the proceeds not for the charity, but for their own criminal enterprises.

Trump still may face charges of stealing from his own charity. Right now it's a civil suit for the NY AG but that can change.

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ConservaLady wrote:
2seaoat wrote:I think what became apparent to me tonight, is Mueller already has plenty of evidence.

Mueller is like the investigator in the pink Panther as he fumbles about looking for something shiny.  

Two+ years of unlimited resources from our country's leading investigative agency and all he has proven is a few Russians duped a handful of liberal twits on social media.  

Wow, crack investigator he is not.

With the trial starting today I think old Bob Barney Fife Mueller's about to show you something.

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