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1 moths on 7/10/2018, 3:22 pm

I have been finding some amazing small moths in the house and behind the house on the deck. When I was a kid we would hang around a porch light and collect moths. There were some amazing beautiful moths which the last forty years I simply have not noticed. However, I am seeing large numbers of them which is encouraging. They are simply beautiful. Many of the moths in Illinois have attacked crops and I suspect the absence has largely been due to agricultural practices. I remember as a kid my grandmother having moth balls in her closets as synthetic material was not being used and moths would literally eat up your clothes. I remember the very distinctive smell of mothballs, and only used them to keep the racoons out of the sweet corn. May the moths find their glory again.

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2 Re: moths on 7/10/2018, 4:39 pm

I just see the small tan ones.

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