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45% of America supports Trump's "They're infesting our country" claims.

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You and I both know that Trump enjoys stirring up racial hatred against black and brown people. Trump doesn't frighten me. But the fact that 45% of America supports his pro-white, pro-male, pro-Christian attitudes is truly frightening.

Trump claims the blacks "come from all these shithole countries," and "These people [Mexicans or Central Americans] are rapists, drug dealers, and violent gang members who want to destroy our country."

As a published historian, I know that right from the start, white America meant to utterly destroy Native Americans in order to possess their lands. The history of White racism and White violence demonstrated by the first White European immigrants here, underlie the lyrics "home of the free and the land of the brave."

Let's face it, 45% of America supports the White Christian racism practiced by their leader, and it's time that the 55% of us who vehemently oppose such racist hatred, get off our asses ... especially since those of our elected representatives who swore to defend the Constitution remain silent. Exactly the same as most German politicians remained silent as the Third Reich came to power and the ovens for Jews were being built.

As I see it, there's nothing American or truly Christian about tearing 3-year-olds from their parent's arms and incarcerating them. Such acts make me ashamed of my gender, my race, and my country. Tuck Frump and all who support him.

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Sounds like concern, not condemnation.

We DO have an infestation in the White House:

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